Updated 2023-07-05

“School’s not working for us, now what?” Online Event

This event is geared towards folks who are considering not sending their kids to school in the fall, or who need support in the decision.
Domari Dickinson facilitator
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Jul 22, 2023, 1:00pm — Jul 22, 2023, 2:30pm Eastern
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Have you come to the conclusion that conventional school isn’t working for you or your children? Are you curious about what other options are available for your child’s education? Do you need support and reassurance in making a change? In this event, Domari will leave space for participants to share why they have (or want to) leave conventional school. It can feel like a great relief to know others are struggling with similar concerns and that there are alternatives out there.

Domari will talk through how Self-Directed Education can address a lot of concerns people have with conventional schooling. She’ll also share resources and ideas to help folks connect with their local SDE and unschooling community, virtual community, and learn more about SDE and deschooling, in general.

This event is geared towards folks who want to see if self-directed education could work for their family or who are new to SDE, and still want some guidance. It could also benefit family and friends who don’t understand your decision to choose self-directed education yet and are curious.

Domari Dickinson (she/her) is an Unschooling mom of four, a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and a liberation partner. Through her work she invites Black parents to challenge popular parenting norms by working through the process of decolonizing their parenting. She is passionate about helping parents get free from oppressive systems so that they can in turn support their children in being

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