Updated 2022-06-16

Self-Directed Education Facilitator

We are looking for an experienced and/or aspiring educator who wants to engage with young people in a way that is authentic and purposeful.
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3983 Church Street
Clarkston, GA  30021
United States
Atlanta, GA


Applicants should be attuned to children and teens in a way that inspires and encourages fun learning experiences. Heartwood ALC Facilitators are expected to model what it means to be a lifelong learner. They are simultaneously educators, students, artists, scientists, explorers, counselors, entrepreneurs, tacticians, philosophers, leaders, and service workers.

Position Title: Self-Directed Education Facilitator

Starting Pay: $22,500 salary for 10-months of employment (August 2022 – May 2023). This breaks down to $15.60/hr based on actual hours worked. Our 10-month school year calendar includes 27 days of school breaks, so the salary is spread across both days of school and days of break.

Hours: 40 hours/wk over 10-months, excluding weeks/days when school is on break

See Heartwood ALC website for a link to the application.

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