Updated 2020-11-22

Sienna Wildfield, Community-Based Education Consultant

Consult with organizations and individuals wanting to identify, develop, and integrate applications of community-based education and self-directed learning into their mission, events, and programs.
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West Chesterfield, MA 
United States


We are living in a time when much of our public education system is failing our children, families, and educators, people are feeling isolated and disconnected, and our world stands at an environmental tipping point. Collectively, these challenges contribute to a society of people who feel disempowered, disconnected, and distressed.

But think about this…

– What if the celebration of community potential was the solution to these social challenges?
– What would happen if citizens were empowered to have a sense of agency over their learning while cultivating a connection to place, community, and self?
– What if we could bring about a new culture of learning that intrinsically offers solutions to social challenges by utilizing our community potential to educate, nurture, and to grow citizens who are caring and connected?

With the advantages of online communication and an awareness that the current status quo is obsolete, communities have the potential to become a powerful driving force for real change. Empowered with the right tools, communities can take action to create a culture of intentional learning that makes education inclusive, accessible and intergenerational, while strengthening a sense of place, supporting community resilience, and moving towards environmental sustainability.

Having developed an innovative perspective on education, a framework for community engagement, and a method for empowerment, my vision is to support the development of a new cultur

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