Updated 2023-02-22

The Shift Deschooling Intensive in Puerto Rico

Come join us in May in Puerto Rico in collaboration with My Reflection Matters for The Shift: a 7 day long Deschooling Intensive for parents, adults supporting youth and folks who want to transform how to think about education, parenting & community.
Becka Koritz trainer
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May 25, 2023, 10:00am — Jun 1, 2023, 4:00pm DST
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City: Rincón
Country: Puerto Rico



-End power struggles and transform your relationships (kids & adults alike).
-Understand how oppression shows up in your life and develop tools to live more freely.
-Learn to build consent-based, trusting and authentic relationships.
-Release fear of what others think of your parenting and/or beliefs & way of life.
-Develop communication & conflict resolution tools.
-Step away from conventional systems (i.e. school) with more confidence and ease.
-Truly understand how we learn & how to support self-direct learning for yourself and for others.
-Learn through play.
-Get clarity on what deschooling is and/or how to deepen & have more confidence in your practice.
-Experience agile tools & practices used to co-create intentional community & culture.
-Be part of an emerging & awesome community.

Imagine what it would be like to finally:
Understand where your limiting beliefs & programmings come from and why it’s been so hard to change.
Center relationship, share power, communicate clearly & navigate conflicts with more ease.
Feel more confident in your non-conventional path.
Have more joy in your life & deepen your connection to the people around you (kids & adults alike).

Sounds too good to be true?… It’s not!

We know because we’ve done it and because we’ve had the privilege to support so many more to initiate this process.
All it takes is openness, willingness and commitment to the process.

Are you re

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