Updated 2023-12-22

The Shift – North Carolina

The Shift is a 7-day long Deschooling Intensive for parents, adults supporting youth, facilitators and folks who want to transform how to think about education, parenting & community.
Becka Koritz facilitator
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Apr 26, 2024, 10:00am — May 3, 2024, 4:00pm EST
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Charlotte, NC 
United States
At ALC Mosaic


What is deschooling?
When we use the word deschooling, we’re referring to the process of change that comes from walking away from systems that are limiting and harmful.

Why is it important?
As our world changes, we are being asked to change with it. It can feel difficult to move away from societal systems that are limiting and harmful, especially if it feels like you’re doing that work alone.

We believe that such change can be internalized more easily with practice and support. We created this training to allow participants and facilitators to work together to look within and clarify our beliefs, values, and purpose and how our behaviors can better align with them.

By questioning the limitations of our society and fear-based beliefs and developing tools to reclaim our innate potential, we can build relationships based on equity, authenticity and choice and in doing so we set out on a new path towards radical learning and freedom.

If you want to gain more freedom in life and build equitable & consent-based relationships with others and with yourself – this training is for you!

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