Updated 2022-05-16

The Unschool Files Community Zine

The Unschool Files Community Zine, an accessible, gritty, handmade zine that is currently publishing quarterly with the help of the volunteer Zine Team. It features the art, poetry, essays, recipes and musings of unschoolers around the world.
Meghan collector/curator
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meghan works in a relational way with families in her free time to get to know the community at large and collect submissions to curate an issue every 3 months. they have a goal of bringing the community together and connecting us all (off of social media) to see ourselves and to be seen.
currently the zine is sustained via Patreon and also doubles as a quarterly subscription service for as little as $1 a month. supporting partners and production partners of the zine give a little extra support to offer copies, free of charge; to folks who may be unbanked or unable to give in exchange for a copy. additionally, there is an option for ALC’s, SDE schools, co-ops and groups to subscribe and have a couple of copies sent to them when new issues are released.
meghan does not make any money, but does have volunteers who have joined to print, bind, pack and ship all requested copies and would eventually like to compensate them for their time and donated supplies.

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