Posted 2018-07-18

Anthony Galloway, Jr. AMA Today!

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[photo] Hi, I'm Anthony. I am a Morehouse Man, and have spent about half of my life working in the field of childcare and education. I've been a summer camp counselor, a classroom aide, an afterschool tutor, and a college mentor. My most recent experiences include serving as a staff member at a Sudbury school and prior to that, being a Montessori preschool associate. I am currently a lead Facilitator at Heartwood Agile Learning Center, and for the past 4 years have been on my own deschooling journey. I have a strong focus on social justice work through SDE, and I bring this to my work as a facilitator. My passion has been to start a school for self-directed learning where I can enjoy facilitating the learning process in a fun and meaningful context.

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