Posted 2019-08-05

ASDE is the Recipient of a $10,000 Grant!

We are excited to announce that The Alliance for Self-Directed Education has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Woodshouse Foundation! This grant will fund new projects within our Library Initiative, as we work to bring self-directed education options to more individuals through these accessible spaces.

We have a dedicated team of librarians, SDE advocates, and people working with their local libraries on this project team.

Our goals for the project are threefold:

1) Survey and work with a variety of libraries involved in bringing free play and sde-inspired programs to their spaces, and survey and work with a variety of libraries to learn about the barriers to creating these types of programs.
2) Support libraries in building these programs by creating reports, and sharing findings, among library networks, through presentations and writing.
3) Create reports, resources, and a website based on our findings, to support ASDE and other groups in partnering with local libraries to bring these programs to their area.

How can you help? Let us know if you want updates about how the project is unfolding! Start a partnership with your local library and share these ideas with them. Host local SDE group meetings at your local library. Check out the Library Initiative forum topic and share your own experiences and ideas about how to make libraries more SDE-friendly. For more details about how to support this initiative, check out our page devoted to it.

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