Posted 2022-12-26

Community is Everything in the SDE Movement

The Alliance for Self-Directed Education (ASDE) began with a focus on bringing the movement together, so we could learn from one another, support one another, and work together to increase awareness and participation in this movement.

Community has always had the biggest impact on folks’ ability to engage in Self-Directed Education and feel supported while taking on something that is so outside of most people’s norm. We see ASDE’s initiatives and presence as a catalyst to build more community, as well as support others who are doing this work in so many impactful and creative ways.

With our focus on Tipping Points Magazine and Tipping Points Press, we are sharing the stories of folks engaged in SDE in diverse ways. These are stories that people can connect with and often see parts of themselves in. Or they are stories that feel so different from our own, but are real and valid in a way we haven’t considered before. In this way, we build more understanding and connection to one another, strengthening our community.

Through Local SDE Groups, we are supporting folks in creating local communities all over the world, in places where unschoolers need to find others who support their choices, who will be there when they need to feel understood, or when they someone to talk to. Local support is so necessary in this work.

Through the SDE Weekend, Community Presents, and Community Conversations events, we are building a global community of folks who really understand SDE and want to share it with one another. Folks who are willing to ask the hard questions and seek expanded understanding; to explore new ways of living SDE and making it work for diverse situations; and to play and learn together, always.

With the Resource Directory, we are creating a crowd-sourced, central directory of SDE-aligned resources, so there is a place to find a center or local group, or search through books and other media on SDE topics. With the Resource Directory we can find one another or find the information that helps us in our journeys and decisions.

We need monetary support in order to be able to continue this work of bringing resources, events, articles, videos, books, and support groups to you all. We exist to build community within the SDE movement and support and elevate the voices of everyone committed to this cause.

Please consider making a tax-deductible end-of-the-year donation to ASDE to help us continue this important work. Any amount will be appreciated and make a difference.

With Gratitude,
The ASDE Organizing Team (Alex, Bria, Daveed, Domari, Janice, Karl, Sonia, Stephen, and Tomis)

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