Posted 2018-04-27

Liberated Learners president Joel Hammon: “Ask Me Anything”

This Sunday in the ASDE Members’ Forum, renowned SDE community organizer Joel Hammon will be available to answer questions about leaving the school system, starting self-directed learning centers, and more. If you haven’t seen Joel’s TEDx Talk, click the link in his intro, below. It’ll inspire you and elicit questions for Sunday’s event...

[photo] Hello! I'm Joel Hammon. I taught in conventional public and private schools for 11 years before leaving to help start The Learning Cooperatives, a group of three Self-Directed Education centers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I'm a co-founder and current president of Liberated Learners, a network of SDE centers that provide mutual aid and support, in addition to helping interested teams start their own SDE centers. I'm the author of The Teacher Liberation Handbook and recently gave a TEDx Talk on the same topic.

My work over the past 10 years in the Self-Directed Education movement has been focused on how to build SDE communities that are financially and operationally sustainable — which is one of the major challenges of any alternative education program. A big part of this work is figuring out how to describe SDE in a way that makes sense and is appealing to families that currently have children in the conventional system.

I'm happy to talk about the nuts and bolts of running or starting a program as well as working with young people and families in a self-directed environment.

On Sunday, April 29th, at 12pm noon/ET, until 9pm/ET, you can Ask Me Anything!

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