Posted 2018-01-13

ASDE is a Non-Partisan Organization

One of the reasons why we, the members of the ASDE organizing team, are so hopeful about the spread of Self-Directed Education (SDE) is that people from a wide spectrum of political orientations embrace the SDE movement. Advocates of SDE in the US include Anarchists, Greens, Independents, Libertarians, Socialists, Tea Party conservatives, and, most numerously, the whole range of traditional Democrats and Republicans.

For many advocates of SDE, such advocacy is relatively unconnected to their more general political orientation; they just see that children flourish when in charge of their own education and suffer when not. Some others, however, tie their beliefs about SDE to their more general political philosophy. For example, they may align SDE with a general goal of reducing the role of government in people’s lives, or promoting equality and social justice, or fostering free enterprise, or creating a more nature-oriented, earth-friendly, new generation of humans.

The Alliance welcomes all of these people to our shared cause. We publish and share interesting articles and comments about Self-Directed Education — through our Tipping Points magazine, Facebook page, online forums, and other outlets — regardless of the more general political orientation of the author or of any vehicle of publication in which that article or comment may have previously appeared.

Our publication of articles or comments that link SDE to some broader political position does not imply endorsement, by ASDE as an organization, nor of the organizing team as individuals, of that political position. Similarly, re-publication of any articles that we had previously published does not imply that either ASDE or the author of the article endorses the political orientation of the site of that re-publication.

The ASDE organizing team and board of directors derive great satisfaction from working together — in alliance despite our own political differences — toward a vision we hold in common: a world where all children are truly “free to learn.”

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[photo] The Real Stuff
Authentic learning happens anytime, anywhere. Children have the natural ability to find real meaning in everyday experiences.
By Vicki Rispoli
[photo] Sudbury: Autonomy in Community
A longtime staff member outlines the Sudbury approach to Self-Directed Education.
By Bruce L. Smith
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