Posted 2017-09-15

Local SDE groups are starting to form!

There is a lot of momentum for this new initiative, introduced last week, and many local SDE groups are already forming. Some of them have been announced in our new local SDE groups forum for ASDE members. There, you can share ideas and ask questions about organizing a group in your city.

From the Member Forums

Active conversations in the Member Forums:

  • The Meaning of Education“What do you think when you see or hear ‘education’? Have your SDE experiences helped you un-associate the word education from images of imposed schooling?”
  • SDE and parenting“I’m curious to hear how SDE had played a role in families forming their own parenting philosophies and whether or not ‘unconditional parenting’ should be a focus in the Alliance.”

Tipping Points

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[photo] Why are Democratic Schools Growing so Fast in France?
By Ramin Farhangi