Posted 2017-10-26

WANTED: Control Freaks

by Scott Noelle, ASDE board member

I confess: I’m a recovering control freak. And one of my SDE-friendly parenting strategies is to redirect that tendency away from my kids by sublimating it in useful ways.

For example, my inner control freak derives great satisfaction from organizing information, which is why I’ve been happily working on ASDE’s upcoming Resource Directory — designed to catalog tons of info about local and global SDE resources and make it easy for anyone to access.

To achieve this feat, we’ll need a whole team of similarly obsessive information organizers. Might that be you?

  • Are you the kind of person who spontaneously compiles information summaries and link lists for your friends?
  • Have you ever thought of becoming a reference librarian?
  • Do you keep your recipes in a database?
  • Do you edit articles on Wikipedia?
  • Are you passionate about the Oxford comma?

If any of the above make you salivate, and you want to sublimate your freakiness for a good cause, I’d like you to consider joining our team of Resource Directory editors. Send me an email — — and I’ll send you more info. (Well-organized info, of course.)

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