Posted 2019-03-22

What is the Self-Directed Education Community up to?


The 3rd annual Self-Directed Path Conference and Workshop will be held in Dallas, Texas on April 27th, 2019. The conference will feature keynote speaker Joel Hammon, founder of Princeton Learning Cooperative and author of The Teacher Liberation Handbook, as well as a youth panel of self-directed learners. There will be a variety of workshops featuring topics such as college, unstructured play, and how to start a school. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of Self-Directed Education, as well as tangible tools and resources for walking a self-directed path. Find out more about the conference on their website. Purchase your ticket here! Use the exclusive ASDE member promotional code “FREETOLEARN” by March 31st for 30% off your ticket.

rooted us is a free unconference (flat organizational gathering) organized by Alexander Khost and Abigail Oulton, and taking place in New York City on June 21-23. This unconference is focusing on practical application of anti-oppressive community building. The ability to heal, understand, and grow together requires direct action.

Other Events and Happenings

Peer Unschooling Network is collaborating with Original Path to create a program for young people to connect and work on independent projects. They’ve created a survey to gather information to see what that project could look like. If you’re interested, please share your ideas and suggestions by filling out this survey.

On April 1st, Ken Danford and Joel Hammon will be hosting an Intro to Liberated Learners webinar where you can learn more about the Liberated Learners model, and how to start one in your community. You can learn more about the webinar and sign up here.

On April 6th, the Philly Free School is hosting an Alternative Education Forum, which will include informational tabling from various education alternatives around the area, and a keynote by Akilah S. Richards.

Hudson Valley Sudbury School has an Open House on May 4th, from 1:00-4:00, with a panel discussion featuring students, alumni, and parents at 2:00. Their address is 84 Zena Rd in Kingston, NY 12401.

Agile Learning Center (ALC) facilitators will be hosting a one-day ALC Workshop in Portland, OR on July 1st. Find out more here.

Have another announcement or an SDE-related event going on in your community? Please share them on the forums under the News and Announcements section.

Tipping Points

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