Posted 2019-08-27

Young People: Take our Survey about Advocacy and Involvement!

We want to hear from young people involved or interested in Self-Directed Education, so we can better understand the needs and desires of young people involved in the movement. This survey will take less than ten minutes to fill out.

This survey is intended exclusively for young people under the age of 18.

Please share this with your networks!

Take the survey now.

Tipping Points

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[photo] Voices of Children
The Story of the Fifteenth Street School
Rachel and Wilbur Rippy
[photo] Blake Boles Keynote
Alternative Education Resource Education Conference 2019
Blake Boles
[photo] Spaces of Learning: The Anarchist Free Skool
Part two of four of a collection of essays from the book Anarchist Pedagogies.
Jeffery Shantz
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