Updated 2021-09-26

Agile Learning Facilitators

ALFs run a network of schools, home school groups, and other initiatives that fundamentally empower young people to create their own lives. ALFs collectively grow and hold the ALC Network with facilitator trainings and ongoing collaboration.
Tomis Parker facilitator
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The ALC Network came together at ALC Mosaic for the first ALF Summer in 2014 to connect our community of facilitators, orient newcomers, and get those in start-ups the support needed to grow thriving ALCs. By 2016, we had outgrown our ability to accomplish all those intentions with a single program…so we started to adapt.

In 2019 we hosted 12 events in 7 countries and 4+ languages! While our 2018 learning affirmed our move to regionally-based and locally-sourced events at the emerging Agile Learning Centers across our network, our 2019 learning was that offering smaller facilitator retreats through the year then concretely supporting interALC collaboration in hosting training events led to richer conversations, powerful modeling, and really positive feedback from participants and facilitators.

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