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Workshops & Training

Organizations and businesses (not specific events) that provide training and experiential learning related to the practice of SDE.

Agile Learning Facilitators

ALFs run a network of schools, home school groups, and other initiatives that fundamentally empower young people to create their own lives. ALFs collectively grow and hold the ALC Network with facilitator trainings and ongoing collaboration.

Eliad Group

Coaching and workshops for parent educators and learning facilitators supporting Self-Directed Education.

Liberated Learners

Liberated Learners supports teams to create self-directed education centers in their community.


A summer camp, school start-up, and training center for SDE parents & facilitators, centered around the eight pillars of connection, trust, self-management, play, democracy, agility, inclusiveness and holism. Locations in Ghent and Mortsel.

Recess Revolution

A non-profit organization that educates parents, teachers and the community about the importance of self-directed free play. We offer parent seminars, staff training and host free play with loose parts workshops.

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