Updated 2020-01-09

Creating Learning Communities: Models, Resources, and New Ways of Thinking About Teaching and Learning

Bringing together real-world information & innovative theoretical thinking on the present & future state of education, from homeschooling & distance learning to autodidactics & learning clubs, a world of true learning communities is envisioned here.
Edited by Ron Miller author
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Imagine a future in which all people will be able to learn what and when they want, regardless of age — a future where learning can be life-long, where the old paradigms are torn away and we can intellectually roam and seek out as much knowledge, information, and experience as we wish, where we can both learn and teach according to our curiosity, needs, and knowledge. In most segments of society we are far from this future — but here and there, in vastly growing numbers, all around the world, people are actually living this future today.
Creating Learning Communities is a landmark book that brings together a wealth of real-world information and innovative theoretical thinking on the present and future state of education. From homeschooling and distance learning to autodidactics and learning clubs, a wide variety of interesting ideas is presented here. From our children, for ourselves, for each other, and for our planet, a new kind of world is envisioned here — a world of true learning communities.

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