Updated 2022-06-10

Deschooling Issa Thing Global Meetup

A global, monthly, virtual meetup for parents/guardians to focus on liberatory approaches that center healing and learning as a lifestyle and explore the impact and intersection of parenting, education, and race.
Melissa Bingham, Bria Bloom, and Maleka Diggs


Co-founders of DIT, Melissa Bingham, Bria Bloom, and Maleka Diggs are also unschooling parents who through their own deschooling journeys continue to explore and deeply question how our behaviors, language, and movements show up across all relationships. This work is a life-long journey of beautiful stretching that is naturally embedded in our daily living. So, with the above in mind, DIT describes deschooling as a life-long, self-paced journey to unpack, acknowledge, and decenter harmful practices that affect the ways we engage and hold space in relationships through deep questioning and pivot practice toward respectful and trust-centered relationships.

If the above resonates for you, DIT welcomes new members twice per year in January and July. To join our waitlist, we highly recommend reviewing our meetup policy before signing up which can be found here.

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