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Online SDE Groups

Support groups that are not place-based, but principally meet online.

Calcutta Unschoolers

Facebook page for unschoolers and life learners in Calcutta. Also a WhatsApp group you can ping the number to be added to.

Deschooling Issa Thing Global Meetup

A global, monthly, virtual meetup for parents/guardians to focus on liberatory approaches that center healing and learning as a lifestyle and explore the impact and intersection of parenting, education, and race.

Deschooling Ourselves

Deschooling Ourselves is a community that helps people recognize and escape the assumptions of modern schooling.

Freeschoolin' Community

A safe and inclusive community of Freeschoolers, Peaceful Parenting Passion-led Learners, Worldschoolers and Radical/Wholelife Unschoolers.

Homeschooling / Unschooling Diversity

This is a healing space centering those of us that have been “Othered” due to racial, ethnic, (dis)ability, gender, class, age and/or sexual identity. It is a space for us “Othered” to feel safe, find resources & be heard.

Not Exactly Florida Unschoolers

A Facebook group for Florida parents seeking alternatives to independent homeschooling and unschooling; a resource for parents interested in finding or creating SDE communities (co-ops, learning centers, schools, etc.) in Florida.

Project-Based Homeschooling

This website offers guidance on how to mentor self-directed learners using the approach of Project-Based Homeschooling – a way to combines a child’s genuine interests with long-term, deep, complex learning.

Radical Unschooling Nederland

Nederlandse radical unschoolingsgroep die nog een stap verder gaat dan gewoon unschoolen, namelijk je kinderen ook vrij laten in schermtijd, eten, slapen, etc. In feite maken je kinderen alle keuzes zelf, net als volwassenen, voor zover dat mogelijk.

Rhode Island Unschoolers

This group was established as a forum for RI Unschoolers (and those nearby) to share their questions, comments, and support in their unschooling journey.

The Unschool Files Discord Server

The Unschool Files Community Discord is a worldwide network of parents, caregivers and facilitators who are living life without school with young people, through Self-Directed Education and partnership parenting.

Ventura County Unschoolers

A group for unschooling families residing in Ventura County and the cities in the adjacent Conejo Valley.

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