Updated 2023-07-05

Deschooling Our Parenting

Join us for a monthly discussion group asking questions around deschooling our parenting.
David O'Connor facilitator


Why deschooling? Let’s unpack some of the mindsets school taught us that are not necessarily useful in our parenting. Let’s talk authority and choice. Let’s talk who gets to choose how our kids spend their time. Let’s talk about respect and trust. Let’s talk about the difference between a life of learning and a life of schooling.

Let’s talk about what schooling practices we bring into our homes and if they are helping us create a community of people invested in each other’s growth.

This is a discussion around deschooling and parenting, but all are welcome.

Hosted by David O’Connor, Agile Leaning Facilitator and parent of two unschooled learners.

Every 4th Tuesday at 6 PM Eastern

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