Updated 2020-02-15

Die Lernwerkstatt (Learning Workshop)

A space where learning is a collaborative, creative and self-determined activity.
André Brötz & Bianca Geburek founder
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Address: Karl-Kunger-Str. 55
City: Berlin
State: Berlin
Postal Code: 12435
Country: Germany

SDE Optimizing Conditions

ASDE surveys all SDE communities/programs about how they provide, enhance, or align with each of the Six Optimizing Conditions for young people to succeed in SDE.  Survey answers:
  1. Responsibility – What would you like to learn? How would you like to learn? These are the central questions that we will deal with when you come for a personal consultation at our Open learning time.
  2. Youth Autonomy – Self-determined means that you get to learn whatever it is that you want to learn. [..] No matter which skills or information you wish to acquire, you'll get an opportunity to do it your way. http://en-die-lernwerkstatt.strikingly.com/#learning
  3. Access to Tools and Technology – Languages, programming, open learning time ... http://en-die-lernwerkstatt.strikingly.com/#what-we-offer
  4. Adult Allieshttp://en-die-lernwerkstatt.strikingly.com/#who-we-are
  5. Free Age Mixing – People of all ages are welcome to join us!
  6. Community – We offer our courses and events as gifts. This gives you the opportunity to take part, and then decide if a return gift is in your interest. ... http://en-die-lernwerkstatt.strikingly.com/#join-us

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