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Organizations that provide support, resources, and community for self-directed learners who are usually registered as homeschoolers.

ALC Copenhagen

et tilknytningsbaseret hjemmeunderviserfællesskab med rødder i den selvstyrede læring.

ALC Nature Brasil

Centro de Aprendizagem Ágil voltado para aprendizes auto Dirigidos.

ALC Querétaro

Somos facilitadores, educadores, emprendedores, homeschoolers y algunos otros somos padres que estamos cambiando la educación para el siglo 21.

ALC São Paulo

The first Agile Learning Center in Brazil serving as a learning community for young people and adults.

Abot Tala

A Liberated Learners center near Manila, Philippines, that helps young people direct their education outside of the conventional school system.


A Self-Directed Education learning community where people ages 5-19 come together to play and engage in “deep, meaningful, enduring learning experiences that allow them to lead remarkable lives” — free from coercion, hierarchy, and standardization

Alder Commons

Alder Commons is a community space where kids and adults alike can attend workshops & classes, and spend their time freely. Our Members are co-workers, makers, artists, and learners of all ages.

Anchorage Agile Learning Community

A thinking outside of the box conversation on how to create a different type of learning experience & environment for the future of our children and the community.

Bay State Learning Center

A non-coercive environment for students ages 10-19, with no grades, tests, or specific curricular requirements.

Berkshire Freedom Academy

Berkshire Freedom Academy is the Berkshires first self-directed education center and community hub for all branches of the homeschooling umbrella but with a focus on self-direction.

Big Bad Wolf House

Self-Directed Education community in SW Detroit, Michigan for ages 5-16. 3 & 5 day options.

Bloom Academy

A self-directed learning center for children ages 5-11, offering diverse, informal, and optional workshops taught by staff, parents, kids, and volunteers in the community.

Blue Bridge School

Blue Bridge is an independent, Agile Learning Center located in Grand Rapids, MI. We provide Self-Directed Education in an environment that values liberation, social responsibility, and community.

Bucks Learning Cooperative

A community for teenagers engaging in Self-Directed Education instead of attending conventional schools, to create a life and education based on their interests, strengths and goals.

Bungalow Lane ALC

An Agile Learning Community in Fresno, California, dedicated to cultivating an environment that nurtures children’s natural desire to learn.


Re-Design ngo Resource Center for Holistic Education

Casa da Árvore

A sudbury-inspired learning community made up of a team of adults and a group of children and teenagers from 4 to 18 years old, meeting Monday-Friday from 1:30-5:30 to collectively build a safe space for the free realization of each one’s potential.

Cedar Hill Open Learning

At Cedar Hill Open Learning Community we strongly believe in protecting children’s rights in education. Here, your child is welcome to be whoever they want to be.

Club "Libres enfants des Corbières"

À plusieurs familles nous réfléchissons à une possibilité d’accueil d’enfants sur le principe de pédagogies actives non directives, avec une gouvernance de type école démocratique.

Coed Cariad Learning Community

A nature based part time programme for ages 4 -14 in woodland. Free play, democratically run by the community and self-directed learning are our core characteristics.

Columbus Unschoolers Cooperative

Family-centered group whose members seek to support each other and augment our children’s educational and social enrichment opportunities in a supportive, nurturing, hands-on classroom environment. All classes are non-compulsory.

Cottonwood Cooperative, NYC

A learning cooperative where education is community-focused, democratic, nature-inspired, and project/play-based.

Cupola Academy

Cupola Academy is a secular, nonprofit organization that provides a supportive community-base for homeschooling families. CA offers full-day programs for young people(4-18) to attend 2 days a week in a collaborative and resource-rich environment.

Dandelion Learning Collaborative

We’re an experiential learning community near downtown Wake Forest, offering in person meetings for homeschoolers ages 5-12, family support, and community gatherings.

Deep Root Center for Self- Directed Learning

A facility within the Liberated Learners network with a mission to support young people who are struggling in traditional school for various reasons to rise out of that situation to take charge of their education.

Dida Academy

A student-centered community for project-based learning through design and technology.

EPIC Life Learning Community

EPIC is an intentional learning community serving ages 4-18 by offering a rich, supportive space for children to thrive by empowering them to engage with their interests and the world around them.

East Kent Sudbury School

Part-time Self-Directed, Democratic provision for Home Educated children aged 5-18. Aiming to become the first registered Independent School based on the Sudbury model in the UK.

El Panal ALC

Somos una comunidad comprometida con la transformación individual – colectiva a través de la autodirección.

Empower Oceanside

Empower Oceanside Unschooling Co-Op is for children of any age and their parents and,or caregivers. This is an opportunity to be in community weekly. For kids to engage in open-ended, child-led play and activities while the adults unlearn together.

Espaço Voa

The Espaço Voa is a living environment where families, educators, collaborators, and children are given tools to move between self-knowledge, transformation, and connection. Our goal is developing creative potential inside each one.

Explora ALC

Explora ALC is a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) organization committed to igniting the fire of curiosity in all people, radically shifting the way we think about learning, education and what it means to be in community. We support learners ages 4-18.


Centro de Aprendizaje Ágil. Colectivo de familias por la educación autodirigida. Asesoramiento a las familias y servicio personalizado.


A cooperative learning community rooted in the principles of Self-Directed Education & Natural Learning.

Houston AltED Co-Op

We are a learning cooperative of elementary aged homeschooled children. Our foundation is a parents’ facilitated hybrid of self-directed & progressive education.

Imagine Cooperative

A space in Corvallis, OR where kids are empowered to learn what, when, and how they want; gathering as a group in public locations 1-5 days a week.

Kinone Agile Learning Center

Established in 2023 as the nation’s first and only bilingual center, offers liberatory education for all amidst the serene mountain landscape, empowering learners to explore and grow in a truly immersive environment.

Komunitní Školy Holubníku

A space where children can meet other children and play together in a free environment, learn to be in relationships outside the family and inspire each other. The program is co-created by children. For ages 5-12.

La Fabrique Démocratique

A sudbury-inspired democratic school/community learning center/makerspace/coworking space/greenhouse in Boulogne-Billancourt.

La Maison Inspirée

A democratic school/community learning center/coworking space, welcoming children and their parents.

La Tribu

Somos una Comunidad de Aprendizaje y Diversidad Cultural que sostiene su filosofìa con base en el Aprendizaje Autodirigido haciendo uso de herramientas ágiles para su construcción y permanente evolución.

Latitude Learning Resources

A NH based homeschool learning center, Latitude’s focus is enrichment classes and community activities that support the needs, interests, and abilities of our students in single interest or cross-curricular areas.

Learn Beyond The Book

Resource center providing a-la-carte classes and events that students choose in locations in LA County, from preschool age through high school. Also provides a community for homeschoolers and coaching and training to help families understand SDE.

Liberated Kids

Liberated Kids is a an SDE community for BIPOC kids in Oakland, California that uses agile tools and meets Monday to Thursday.

Lilac ALC

An inclusive agile learning community serving homeschoolers in California’s Central Valley.

Limitless Agile Learning Community

Self-Directed education enrichment center at the beautiful River School Farm alongside the Truckee River in Reno, NV, that welcomes curious minds to pursue their individual interests, and encourages development of unique strengths. Ages 8-18.


Project of a public Learning Centre for Democracy, Mindfulness and Self-direction in Luxembourg

Macomber Center

A self-directed learning community for children of all ages. We are a fully staffed drop-off center which runs from 9am to 5pm, five days a week.

Make-A-Space Coop

A self-directed education coop for registered homeschoolers in Nashville, TN.

Methodos eV

A group of young people who have come together to prepare themselves for the Abitur. They run the organization democratically and have hired teachers to support and stand by them.

Mid-Columbia Self-Directed Education Collaborative

MCSDE supports families in empowering children and teens to take the lead in their own education by exploring their interests and the world around them using the vast amount of tools and resources available throughout their community.

Mochicahui Self-Directed Learning Space

¡Un espacio para el aprendizaje autodirigido de niños, jóvenes y adultos! ¡Un espacio para crear, probar, experimentar y de mucho juego libre! ¡Un lugar para explorar y aprender conectados con la naturaleza!

Mont-Libre: Centre éducatif agile de Montréal

Un centre éducatif agile pour les jeunes de 8 à 18 ans pratiquant l’éducation à domicile qui s’inspire des écoles libres et du unschooling. An agile educational center for young people aged 8 to 18. Inspired by free schools and unschooling.

Mosaic Pathways

We are a community of homeschool learners naturally exploring authenticity through connection and opportunity for discovery of individual strengths, interests, and values in an environment that is flexible, differentiated, and unconventional.

Natural Creativity

An education center for students ages 4-17, focusing on developing creativity, compassion, and collaboration among young people and community members.

Nature Play ALC

A co-parenting club and non-formal education collective, based in northern Athens, Greece, hosting regular trainings, pop-up events and camps to help nurture a pioneering Agile Learning Community in the outdoors of North Evia.

NatureGlo's eScience Unschool

NatureGlo’s eScience Unschool is an online eLearning center offering weekly personalized unschool parent and student coaching for struggling homeschoolers wanting to transition to unschooling.

Ojo de agua - ambiente educativo

A place where children and young people can choose how to satisfy their own interests in a self-directed, ecological, holistic, democratic and respectful atmosphere.

Open Connections

Open Connections’ mission is to help young people and adults develop the tools and skills needed to create the life they want. Contact us to join our community and participate in our programs for youth ages 4 through 18.


A summer camp, school start-up, and training center for SDE parents & facilitators, centered around the eight pillars of connection, trust, self-management, play, democracy, agility, inclusiveness and holism. Locations in Ghent and Mortsel.

POP Louisville

Self-Directed meetups for Louisville KY homeschool families. 3 days a week, 3 hours each day.

Passages Centre for Self-Directed Learning

At Passages Centre we mentor youth to self-direct their education and create a personalized learning experience–an alternative to mainstream school. We’re a community for youth to dive deep into interests, hobbies and online courses

Pathfinder Learning Center

We are a self-directed learning center where students find community, resources, and support while they pursue their own educational vision.

Pathfinders Academy

Pathfinders Academy offers inquiry-led STEAM learning experiences for K-5 homeschooling, charter, and unschooling families in Ventura County. We provide interactive, child-centered, evidence-based learning in a safe, fun, social atmosphere.

Peumal ALC

Un espacio de educación autodirigida, donde los niños vienen a aprender a su ritmo, según sus intereses y acompañados con amor.

Princeton Learning Cooperative

A community of teenagers engaging in Self-Directed Education instead of attending conventional schools, to create a life and education based on their interests, strengths and goals.

Raritan Learning Cooperative

A community of teenagers engaging in Self-Directed Education instead of attending conventional schools, to create a life and education based on their interests, strengths and goals.

Raw Learning

A place for children to come together using their own curiosity as a guide for what they will discover next. Facilitators act as adult mentors to support deeper investigation into the specific interests of each child.

Real Life Agile Learning Center

A unique agile learning environment dedicated to supporting families who are exploring alternative and supplemental learning opportunities in Tampa Bay

Rock Tree Sky

A K-12 learning community where youth have the freedom and responsibility to direct their education with the support of caring adults, in a dynamic open-walled environment.

Rubik Agile School

an agile, self-directed learning community for children ages 6-13 who are enrolled in a school, homeschooling, or unschoolers.

SHINE Together, LLC

SHINE Together, LLC is a play-based, nature-focused, interest-led holistic education program for K-12 homeschoolers in central Minnesota on 20 acres.

SPARK Homeschool Co-op

A secular, diverse and inclusive community of homeschooling families that thrive in a self-directed learning environment.

San Diego Learning Revolution

A group to promote student-directed education in San Diego, through organizing powerful campaigns and building solidarity economies. Working to build a student-directed learning center for teens based on the North Star / Liberated Learners model.

Santa Barbara Free School

The Santa Barbara Free School is a self-directed and democratic program for homeschool students based in Santa Barbara, California.

Sky Bear Agile Learning Community

A liberating alternative to school and self-directed education community for youth that honors children’s innate intelligences and ways of learning while engaging in community.

Spectrum Youth Project

Spectrum is a community for living fully and creating a healthy world. One of our major long-term goals is to create an alternative to school for young people that is a superior way to live and learn.

Synergy Collective of the Upstate

Synergy Collective of the Upstate is designed to be a connecting point for families in the Greenville, SC area that align themselves with a self-directed, liberated, autonomous mindset for all people, regardless of age.​

Talking Stick Learning Center

Self-directed, topic-based programs for homeschoolers held on 55 acres of nature parkland. Talking Stick provides a safe and supportive space that respects the individual and nurtures children’s innate curiosity and desire to learn.

The Cabin and the Lodge

The Cabin and the Lodge are consent-based, self-directed learning communities for home educated young people.

The Children's Community

We are a mixed-age, self-directed education community practicing autonomy, consent, and connection. Young people ages 5-18 unschooling together on a farm and in the forest.

The Garden

The Garden is an evidence-based, democratic community for children in Bristol, UK. We prioritise the emotional well-being and social skills of children, through an unconditional approach and horizontal communication. Learning is self-directed.

The Green House Education Project

Currently restructuring and working towards becoming an Agile Learning Centre (ALC), similar to how The Green House has been evolving since 2014.

The Hub

The Hub brings together customized learning and community. It currently provides online programming and support for children ages 9 to 12 and their parents. The plan is to grow into an all-ages co-learning/co-working space (online and in person).

The Learning Co-op

A mixed-age cooperative learning program that promotes and supports self-directed education and democratic decision-making as an option for all learners and all families.

The Learning Community at Quest

Quest is a space dedicated to learning, discovery, fun, and creativity, for learners of all kinds, age groups, interests, and abilities.


Thickets is a place-based learning community for self-directed young people ages 5 – 8 in Montpelier, Vermont. Each day evolves differently and is created collectively as we explore forests, parks and city.


Udesya Learning Club is a community of free learners inspired on Sudbury Valley

Unarvu Education

We provide experiential education to self-directed students aged 8+. Our model is emergent and adaptive; our priority is to develop our inner compass—our Unarvu—as we navigate our learning journey within a supportive learning collective.

Village Home Education Resource Center

An inclusive homeschooling support community with campuses in Beaverton, NE Portland, and Salem, offering a variety of elective classes, activities, and other resources for homeschooling and unschooling families.

Wildling Collective

Whole-family social support for unschoolers + homeschoolers along the Front Range.

Wildwood ALC

An Agile Learning Community and a nonprofit program for homeschoolers ages 7-17 in the Boone, NC area who wish to engage in collaborative, self-directed learning experiences within a supportive multi-age environment.

WoW (Without Walls) Cooperative

We’re a group of ~15 families that meet at East Bay parks every weekday from 9:30am – 4pm to support self-directed education for our kids (ages 5 to 11). We’re currently open to enrolling a small number of additional families.

ZigZag Liberation Station & ALC

A self-directed, agile learning school in Asheville, NC. We do unschooling in community, with compassion, and in the service of creating a new culture based on power-with instead of power-over.

makED - Make Education

A sociocratic learning environment/school where we facilitate intrinsic motivation, as well as friendship, fun and fulfillment.

À Mon Rythme

A democratic school for young people ages 3-18. Support for students is provided voluntarily by parents.

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