Updated 2021-08-08

Disabled Unschoolers of Color

A place for disabled Black people, Indigenous folks and other people of color who are transitioning towards, curious about and currently unschooling and/or participating within self-directed spaces.
Local SDE Groups
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State: California
Country: United States
Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Riverside County, San Bernardino County


This space was created by Jo of femme feelosophy to find other disabled unschoolers IRL and online, which has been proven to be a challenging process.

Originally setup for those of us in the Inland Empire, in-person events and meetups will typically be in the IE. We are interested in organizing in other cities and counties too.

More details and updates: https://femmefeelosophy.weebly.com/duoc.html

If any information about this resource is out of date, please let us know.