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Local SDE Groups

Groups of SDE-aligned parents, facilitators, and advocates who meet regularly, in person, to share support and information about SDE and/or to organize local SDE advocacy projects.

Al Ain Homeschoolers

A group to share ideas and provide encouragement for homeschoolers in Al Ain, UAE. Members of this group come from a wide range of backgrounds and have a broad spectrum of education philosophies, parenting viewpoints, and religious views.

Alabama Unschoolers

A group for Alabama families that lean toward unschooling methods of educating their children.

Asheville Unschoolers & Homeschoolers

Support group for unschoolers and homeschoolers in the Asheville, NC area. It’s a great place to organize and plan meetups, play dates, hiking trips, etc.

Atlanta SDE + Social Justice Group

A group of parents, school leaders and involved adults meeting every 3 months to create community and support each other in the intersection of SDE and Social Justice

Auckland Unschoolers / Natural Learners

A group to provide opportunities for Unschooling (or natural learning, or child-directed learning) families to meet up and support each other online and in person.

Augusta-Aiken Unschooling

A place for Augusta, GA and Aiken, SC-area unschooling parents and teens to share ideas and get support for unschooling. This is also a place for local folks who are interested in unschooling to learn more about it.

Austin Unschoolers

A group created to foster community among unschooling families in Austin. This is a space for sharing information, organizing meet-ups, discussing relevant topics, and supporting one another.

Barrie Area Unschoolers

The Unschooling Hub of Barrie, Ontario! A place to freely share your unschooling adventures, plan meet ups, post resources and gain support in this local unschooling community.

Bay Area Unschooling Connections

A group for people who are actively unschooling, interested in unschooling, or interested in hanging out with unschooling families. We provide online support for each other, and share & create interesting local opportunities, events, and activities.

Berkshire Freedom Academy

Berkshire Freedom Academy is the Berkshires first self-directed education center and community hub for all branches of the homeschooling umbrella but with a focus on self-direction.

Big Island Unschoolers

Page for unschooling families on the Big Island to share information, ideas, events, and activities, and meet other unschooling families!

Big Oak Homeschoolers

A diverse group of fun, friendly, welcoming unschoolers and gentle homeschoolers in the Sacramento area. Our active membership includes families with children ranging in age from infants to teens.

Branches Unschoolers of Pinellas County

Our goal is to have many options for unschoolers in Pinellas County to get together; including park days, family potlucks, holiday gatherings, project days, and more.

Brighton Home Education

We are parents of kids who we have opted out of school. We choose to homeschool / home educate / design our own education / unschool / learn from life.

Calcutta Unschoolers

Facebook page for unschoolers and life learners in Calcutta. Also a WhatsApp group you can ping the number to be added to.

Camberville Unschoolers

A group for families interested in the homeschooling philosophy of unschooling in the Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Medford, Belmont area to exchange ideas, plan meet ups, etc.

Cheyenne, Wyoming Homeschoolers and Unschoolers

A group for local homeschoolers and unschoolers where we can connect, get to know each other better, share ideas, ask and answer questions, post local events and community activities, plan get-togethers and play groups.

Chicagoland Unschoolers

A place for unschooling families from the Chicago area to plan meet-ups and outings, share inspiration, and just generally feel at home.

Columbus Area Self-Directed Teens

An inclusive, secular group dedicated to the unschooling community in central Ohio. Our driving force is the mission to support, encourage and trust our teens as they follow their hearts and explore their interests.

DFW Unschooling Families

A social group that includes unschoolers as well as homeschoolers who regularly meet for exploration, fun and adventure.

Denver Area Unschoolers

Denver, CO and surrounding area unschooling families will come here to connect, ask questions, share learning opportunities, offer support and encouragement and network about how to best live a joyful life free from school.

Denver Unschoolers

Group in the Denver metro area for all homeschoolers regardless of their homeschooling philosophy or spiritual beliefs. We hope to help provide support, friendship and group activities.

Denver-Boulder Unschoolers

An inclusive group for anyone in the Denver-metro and Boulder area who is currently unschooling, considering unschooling, or just in love with the philosophy and wants to connect with other unschoolers in the region.


DisUnschool is community empowered spaces prioritizing disabled people and families who are curious about, shifting towards or currently on an unschooling path, those who are decentering school from their lives and participating in SDE centers.

Douglas County Unschoolers

Facebook support group which offers opportunities for gatherings, including a book club, for unschooling families in the Douglas County area of Colorado.

East Bay Self-Directed Education

This groups serves the collective California East Bay to increase awareness of Self-Directed Education for local area families. Interested educators, administrators, policy makers and change […]

East Tennessee Unschoolers

Ask questions about unschooling in TN, meetup with other local unschoolers, and get recommendations for resources related to unschooling.

Eastern Shore Unschoolers

A group for unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Southern Delaware.

Eclectic Homeschoolers of Middle Tennessee

Formed in 1990, EHSMT our group mission is to support and encourage home-educating families that openly embrace diversity. Always feel free to share relevant information or ask questions.

Edmonton Natural Learners & Unschoolers

This group is for the natural learning community here in Edmonton! Basically just a place for like-minded people to come together and discuss things we encounter in our journey of educating our own kids.

Families Learning Freely

A meet-up group for unschooling-compatible families in the Greater Houston area. Our purpose in creating this group is to enrich and expand our lives within a secure community of supportive families.

Funschooling (Winchester, VA)

A group for homeschooling families to plan events, co-ops, classes, or recreation dates in the Winchester and surrounding areas. We are happy to host questions, discuss and share notes. We honor all types of homeschooling styles.

Gifted Unschooling Los Angeles

Meetups for gifted unschoolers in the greater Los Angeles area. All unschoolers and radical unschoolers welcomed. We discuss gifted issues, unschooling philosophies and respectful parenting.

Greensboro Area Unschoolers

A group for for pursuing and exploring unschooling ideas as well as having events that are experience based and easily child led instead of curriculum based, in and around Greensboro, NC.

HUGS | SF (Homeschoolers+Unschoolers Group Support)

HUGS is an inclusive all ages, babies to adults, play day that honors diversity in all its forms and expressions, seeks to find commonalities, and provides support for families wherever they are in their exploration of homeschooling and unschooling.

Hawke's Bay Unschoolers

A place to create awareness and connection for families who are living an Unschooling/Life Learning/Natural Learning life in Hawke’s Bay.

Home Educators of Riyadh

A group for parents currently, formerly, or who are considering homeschooling their children in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Lets start questioning school system and build new one for Curious kids!

Homegrown Kids

A secular group of unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers in the Twin Cities south metro suburbs.

Homeschool Portugal

A group created for all of us unschooling, worldschooling or homeschooling in Portugal to share ideas, make connections or arrange meet ups socially.

Homeschool in China

Group for anyone who is a homeschooled student in China or interested in homeschooling in China. Let’s share our experience, make friends, help each others and start a community!

Homeschooling LA

The purpose of this group is to foster in person connections and real friendships. We welcome all homeschoolers/unschoolers that are currently homeschooling/unschooling in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas or are getting ready to start!

Homeschooling en Madrid

Somos un grupo de familias que educamos a nuestros hijos sin escuela en la Comunidad de Madrid.

Houston Unschooling Kids

Houston’s largest Unschooling group. With an active Facebook page and regular in-person events, it is a great resource for local unschooling families.

Illinois Homeschool/Unschooling Support

This group is for parents in Illnois who choose to homeschool or utilize child led learning (better known as unschooling) to support & help one another with ideas, advice, resources, and encouragement.

Illinois Unschoolers

A place for families who are unschooling in Illinois to connect, share, inspire, and play.

Indianapolis' Freeschoolers/Lifeschoolers

A group of unschoolers of different lifestyles, beliefs, & cultures who are committed to being lovingly inclusive to all. We organize park days, field trips, clubs, & meetups and we hope you’ll join us.

Ithaca NY Area Homeschoolers

This is a group for people in the area of Ithaca NY who are, or are interested in, homeschooling. It is non-sectarian and inclusive, and all varieties of homeschooling are welcome.

Kansas Unschoolers

Facebook group connecting like-minded KS families as well as hosting/attending events based on the interests of members both young and old!

Katy/West Houston Unschoolers

Group for those that unschool or radically unschool in the West Houston/Katy area. We also welcome those wanting to learn more about the unschooling philosophy.

Kauai Unschoolers

Whole life learning on Kauai. Learning joyfully through island excursions, gaming, deep nature play, permaculture, and child led experiments. We aim to grow our unschooling community through meetups, excursions, game play dates, and potlucks.

Lancaster Secular Homeschoolers

We are a secular-based homeschool group in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that fits somewhere between structured book learning and unschooling.

Las Vegas Life Learners

Welcome to the Las Vegas Valley’s Unschooling support group! We have weekly park days every Wednesday, board game days every 1st and 3rd Monday and tons of other events through out the months.

Lassen Life Learners

A group for secular unschoolers and home educators in Lassen County to connect, gather, and share information and support.

Liberating Hawaii's Youth

Forum serving as an information resource for parents and those who work with young people. Join the group and feel free to share helpful info, tools, resources, and discussions relevant to supporting self-directed learning in Hawaii.

Los Angeles Unschoolers

An eclectic community in Los Angeles providing support to families who live outside the traditional school box. Our weekly parkdays are small enough to be intimate, large enough for kids of all ages to find a group with which to “hang out.”

Louisiana Unschoolers

This group was created to support and connect unschoolers in Louisiana. Secular & inclusive in nature, we welcome unschoolers at all stages of their journey, whether they are veterans or new to the philosophy.

Louisville KY SDE

A local support group for parents and other advocates of SDE in the Louisville, KY, area. Meetups as well as online group.

Maine Unschooling Network

A secular group for Maine unschoolers, parents and kids to network, discuss activities, lend and find support and discuss Unschooling Philosophy.

Maryland Unschoolers

A supportive environment for any unschooling family in the state of Maryland (or moving here).

Melbourne Unschoolers

Group for unschoolers who live in the Greater Melbourne Region to get to know each other and to organise meeting up.

NIAH (Northern Illinois Alternative Homeschoolers)

A place for unschooling families in the northern Illinois region to connect and support one another. We welcome anyone and everyone that is open to the idea of self-education, mindful parenting, and free-thinking.

NM Unschooling

A way to connect with others who are unschooling in New Mexico.

NS Unschoolers

A support network and resource page for Unschooling home-educating families in Nova Scotia, with a strong focus on joyful, relationship building, and compassionate parenting.

Natural Learners

A meetup group of free-thinking, unschooling families. We encourage all ages to join. We have a wide range of activities including (but not limited to) social gatherings at members’ homes, park gatherings, hikes, book discussion groups and more.

Northwest Indiana Unschoolers

An inclusive group for NWI unschoolers to connect, share and plan events and support one another on our unschooling journeys.

Not Exactly Florida Unschoolers

A Facebook group for Florida parents seeking alternatives to independent homeschooling and unschooling; a resource for parents interested in finding or creating SDE communities (co-ops, learning centers, schools, etc.) in Florida.

Nuts About Learning

A group of unschoolers who are seeking real-life connections with others in the Northeastern MA/Southeastern NH area.

Omaha Unschoolers

We are a community that is here to support and encourage families in Self-Directed Education.

Ontario Radical Unschoolers

A group created to bring together a community of unschooling parents who are geographically close to one another thereby making it easier to connect with one another online and IRL. This is a space for growth, sharing, authenticity and honesty.

Ontario Unschoolers

A secular group for parents with children living in Ontario who are unschooling or curious about learning more about unschooling and peaceful/respectful parenting.

Ontario Unschooling Families

The Unschooling Hub of Ontario, Canada! A place to freely share your unschooling adventures, plan meet ups, post resources and gain support in this local unschooling community.

Pennsylvania Unschooling Info

Our intention is to offer a place where PA’s unschooling parents can ask questions and get ideas about how to make unschooling work while adhering to PA’s Home Education Law.

Phoenix Unschoolers

A support group for unschoolers who wish to communicate with other like minded individuals. Members are from all over the entire Phoenix area, including North Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Glendale, and Goodyear.

Portland Unschoolers

A group for families in the Portland, Oregon area who are unschooling. Everyone is welcome, from those who are just curious about unschooling to long­time and/or radical unschoolers.

Prague Worldschooling

Prague worldschooling is a community and platform for worldschoolers both travelling families and locals that want to meet up and take part in activities.

Providence Unschoolers

A group for Unschooling families, and others interested in Unschooling, in the Providence, Rhode Island area, to connect, support, and share events.

Quiet Corner Homeschoolers

A local online presence for Quiet Corner Homeschoolers, plus homeschoolers from across Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Radical Unschool Iowa

A group to share information and support one another in child led learning and peaceful parenting.

Radical Unschooling Nederland

Nederlandse radical unschoolingsgroep die nog een stap verder gaat dan gewoon unschoolen, namelijk je kinderen ook vrij laten in schermtijd, eten, slapen, etc. In feite maken je kinderen alle keuzes zelf, net als volwassenen, voor zover dat mogelijk.

Rhode Island Unschoolers

This group was established as a forum for RI Unschoolers (and those nearby) to share their questions, comments, and support in their unschooling journey.

River City Unschoolers

A group of unschooling families or anyone interested in living the unschooling lifestyle in the Jacksonville, Florida metro area.

Rogue Valley Unschoolers

A group for families in the Rogue Valley who are currently unschooling or are seriously considering it. We plan events to get together and have fun! Park days, potlucks, bowling, hiking, craft events, game events, book swaps; the sky’s the limit!

SOAR (Society of Autodidactic Radicals)

A group of actively unschooling & radical unschooling families in Brevard County, Florida that get together frequently for support and connections for the adults and kids alike!

Salt Lake Unschoolers

A group for unschooling families living in the Salt Lake area. We welcome unschooling discussions, questions, and challenges. We also welcome your invitations to play, and meet other unschoolers!

San Diego Learning Revolution

A group to promote student-directed education in San Diego, through organizing powerful campaigns and building solidarity economies. Working to build a student-directed learning center for teens based on the North Star / Liberated Learners model.

San Francisco Homeschooling & Unschooling Group

A group meant to build a community for those that are interested in homeschooling, unschooling, or doing both partially. The group’s ​hub is in San Francisco​, but those in the greater Bay Area are welcome as well.

Seacoast Unschooling

A group for Seacoast unschooling families to come together, share interesting activities, discuss unschooling philosophy, and organize & share local social events, such as potlucks, playdates, park days, family activities, workshops, etc.

Seattle Unschoolers

A group for sharing local Seattle area resources and meeting other local unschoolers.

Self-Directed Path Group, Dallas TX

Our mission is to create awareness, valuable connections and community, and a variety of useful resources for walking an alternative, self-directed path in Dallas/Ft Worth!

Snohomish County Unschoolers

A group for unschooling families in Snohomish County to connect and build friendships, share ideas, receive support, etc, and just chat.

South Bay Unschoolers

A group for parents who are unschooling their children, specifically in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. All types of unschoolers are welcome.

South Dakota Unschoolers

A group for residents of South Dakota who are unschooling their children. This is a place of support and community where you can make connections, ask questions, and share ideas.

Southcoast Homeschoolers & Unschoolers

A hyperlocal group for homeschoolers/unschoolers living on or near the Southcoast of MA and RI to build connections and share & create local programs and events.

Steuben County Homeschoolers

A homeschool group in Northeast Indiana. Join us as we explore the adventures of homeschooling, unschooling and educational freedom!

Tacoma Unschoolers

A group designed for the Tacoma area unschooling community. The purpose of this group is to allow for Tacoma area unschoolers who are actively unschooling or genuinely intending to unschool to meet in person and get to know each other!

Tulsa Unschooling Co-op

A non-hierarchical learning experience for children 0-125 years old. We work together to create stimulating learning experiences for ourselves and one another. We practice non-aggression and use non-violent communication.

Twin Cities Unschoolers

This group aims to create a community of unschooling families in the Twin Cities metro area that connect both online and in real life for field trips, friendship, and support.

UK Radical Unschooling Network

A group created to help people expand their understanding of Radical Unschooling and to help parents implement the principles in their own families. As well as providing the opportunity to connect with other people on this path in the UK.

Union County Homeschoolers/Unschoolers

A group for parents and caregivers of children who aren’t in traditional public or private schools, to help us share ideas and methods and try to create & organize group outings and events in Union County, Georgia.

Unschool Austin

A group for unschoolers in Central Texas, including Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio and everything surrounding and in-between. This is a place to get to know each other, form a strong community, discuss unschooling and serve as support.

Unschool Australia

Support group for families embracing a natural learning, life learning or unschooling approach to life and education for their children.

Unschool Central Kentucky

This group is for people who are interested in creating an unschooling community in central Kentucky: homeschoolers, teachers, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, craftspeople, concerned community members...

Unschool Spokane

A group for unschoolers in the Spokane area. Feel free to contribute, give advice, ask questions, recommend resources, and connect with others.

Unschoolers in Pennsylvania

A group for unschoolers in Pennsylvania to get to know each other, form a strong community, and discuss unschooling. We will be planning many outings and events throughout the state.

Unschoolers of Brevard

A non judgmental and supportive group in Brevard County to talk about unschooling and living respectfully and consciously with our children.

Unschoolers of Brevard South

A group of families unschooling and homeschooling in the southern region of Brevard County, Florida. We have events monthly, weekly park days and special events.

Unschoolers of Central Wake

We meet 8-10 times a month at playgrounds, museums, coffee shops and who knows where else, creating a steady, supportive in-person community for ourselves and our children in a non-competitive, social environment where learning comes naturally.

Unschoolers of Eastern NC

The purpose of this group is to connect locally with unschoolers in our general area. Eastern NC is a rather vast region but currently we are in the general area of New Bern NC down towards Jacksonville NC .

Unschoolers of North Carolina

A landing pad for NC families looking to learn more about self-directed learning based at home: Unschooling! We are open to the unschooling curious, new unschoolers or veterans.

Unschooling / Oskolning Sverige

Facebook group in Swedish discussing the topic of self-direction and unschooling. The group is open for active unschoolers, those interested in starting, and others curious about the topic.

Unschooling Argentina

Creamos este grupo para compartir y difundir talleres y espacios de juego y de aprendizaje con nuestra comunidad de desecolarizados.

Unschooling Bornholm

Welcome guide & community for homeschoolers and unschoolers on the Danish island Bornholm. Meetup group:

Unschooling Christchurch

This group is for the purpose of organising get-togethers for unschoolers in the Christchurch area. Anyone who is unschooling, or considering unschooling, is welcome.

Unschooling Homies of Solano County

A group created to make connections with those who Unschool in Solano County. All parents from different styles of homeschooling are welcome, however this is a place to learn about unschooling and provide support to those practicing unschooling.

Unschooling Info Australia

A discussion group for Australian parents who are unschooling, or are considering unschooling their kids. We will discuss unschooling philosophy and how to become better unschooling parents as we help each other with the deschooling process.

Unschooling Manitoba

For folks who unschool their kids in Manitoba, or parents are interested in learning more about unschooling from people who are unschooling already. Let’s learn from each other!

Unschooling Michigan

A group for Unschoolers or those who are interested in Unschooling in Michigan to share events, ideas, advice and support.

Unschooling Montreal

A bilingual group for unschooling families in Montreal to meet and discuss ideas. Un groupe bilingue pour les familles unschooling à Montréal pour rencontrer et discuter des idées.

Unschooling México

Hola colegas y amigos apasionados/interesados por/en la desescolarización radical. Es juntos como aprendemos. Por eso un grupo en el que todos podamos compartir.

Unschooling NZ networking

We are a local Unschooling/natural learning network of families in New Zealand, connecting with each other for support, meet ups, information and companionship.

Unschooling Ohio

Consulting services, information, links, and documents for those looking for unschooling information in Ohio. Feel free to post, share or ask questions.

Unschooling Queensland

A group for Unschoolers across Queensland. A place to help connect with other like minded families in your area, as well as to share information relating to an unschooling lifestyle and help with registration requirements in Queensland.

Unschooling UAE Facebook Group

We are an online community of families based in the UAE, and are passionate advocates of self-directed education and life learning.

Unschooling UK

This page is a celebration of all things unschooling. Join our friendly community and gain support and comfort on your learning adventure.

Unschooling en France

Pour les familles pratiquant l’unschooling en France/ en français ou s’y intéressant :)

Unschooling in Denmark

This is a place to exchange information regarding unschooling (and homeschooling) in Denmark and to create contacts.


UnschoolingNH is a secular group for New Hampshire unschoolers specifically created to discuss unschooling ideas, how to extend unschooling principles to the rest of our lives, peaceful parenting and the logistics of unschooling in New Hampshire.


Heb je interesse om unschooling te kunnen gebruiken, of ben je er al door geïnspireerd en er volop mee bezig in jullie leven? Dan is deze groep wellicht iets voor je!

Utah County Unschoolers

A community for Utah Unschooling, Life-Learning and Child-Led Learning. Please share information, events and resources, and ask questions about unschooling and related topics.

Ventura County Unschoolers

A group for unschooling families residing in Ventura County and the cities in the adjacent Conejo Valley, created to offer families the ability to connect with other local life learners, find (and offer) support, and arrange local gatherings.

Virginia Unschoolers

Hello out there! We’re planning to use this group page as an easier way to get unschoolers together for fun stuff here in Virginia. Please post any ideas you have.

Wellington County Unschoolers

Wellington County and surrounding area unschooling families. Ask questions, make friends and set up hang outs. We are like minded and sort of in our own category so let’s find each other locally and create a local unschooling community!

Wichita Unschoolers

A local meet up group where Wichita area homeschoolers seeking more connections for their self-directed and/or unschooled children can meet in person for regular activities.

Wisconsin Unschoolers

A place for families who are unschooling in Wisconsin to connect, share, inspire, and play.

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