Updated 2020-06-18

Indigenous Ways of Teaching and Learning as Unschooling: Relevant Studies and Contemporary and Indigenous Definitions of Unschooling

Looking at Unschooling through the lens of indigenous living and learning.
E. D. Woodford author
Woodford, E.D. (2020). Indigenous ways of teaching and learning as unschooling: Relevant studies and contemporary and indigenous definitions of unschooling. Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, 14(27), 1-19.


Many Canadian homeschool families use different methods of learning at home, including unschooling. The methods and definitions can be challenging. The author’s review of the literature identifies both contemporary and Indigenous definitions of unschooling. As a Metis family that is learning at home without a curriculum, the researcher questioned where are other Indigenous families who are learning the same way. Using auto-ethnography to illustrate how the author’s family came to learning at home, this paper explores relevant North American studies of homeschooling. The research reveals that most data are limited to enrollment data by provinces and territories. The concluding result of the study determines that Indigenous ways of teaching and learning is unschooling.

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