Updated 2020-01-31

John Holt

Challenging the often held notion that Holt’s work was romantic and impractical within the context of compulsory schooling, enabling readers to appreciate the view that individuals outside the education system can change what is happening within it.
Roland Meighan author
Non-Fiction Books


“A superb account of the educational writings of John Holt; a ‘wonderful exposition’ of his work, to quote from Patrick Farenga’s Foreword. It is comprehensive and thorough, without ‘penguinizing’ (see page 130!), and it is as lucid, accessible and compelling as Holt’s work itself... This is a powerful book, beautifully written, and we owe Roland Meighan a debt of gratitude for delivering John Holt to us in little more than 150 pages.” – Peter Holt, Journal of Personalized Education

“Meighan has done us the great service — though it will have been a labour of love — of distilling the contents of all of Holt’s ten books into this most readable volume of his own...Roland Meighan’s eloquent tribute...ought to be essential reading for everyone who has the welfare of our children at heart.” – Michael Foot, Journal of Personalized Education

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