Updated 2018-10-05

Jump Fall Fly from schooling to homeschooling to unschooling

How one family abandoned traditional education, embraced the freedom of childhood, self directed learning and play to better prepare their children for a rapidly changing future.
Lehla Eldridge and Anthony Eldridge Rogers author
Non-Fiction Books
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In Jump Fall Fly, Lehla and Anthony Eldridge-Rogers, parents, coaches and creatives argue, from their own experience, for the right of children to pursue their own interests and learning through natural curiosity, play and joy. Their children’s learning and education is led by the children themselves, driven by their interests, their passions, and their own innate problem solving abilities. Respect, democratic principle, equal dialogue, collaboration and kindness replace coercion, instruction, disciplining, obedience, competition and fear mongering.

To bring about this family journey they navigated from schooling to homeschooling and then to unschooling. A challenging, counter intuitive, courageous proposal for abandoning our mainstream education system and systems of teaching, Jump, Fall, Fly suggests we need to abandon a broken unfixable system that is causing misery for children. It shows how doing this is, counter intuitively for many people, a joyful and fulfilling way to prepare children for the future world approaching at breakneck speed. At the same time there is more laughter, less toxic stress, better adult child relationships and a happier family life. All parents are confronted with a dilemma when they have children. How do they face up to the reality that almost all schooling institutions are not fit for purpose? And what is that purpose when it comes to raising children? In short, preparing them to live and thrive in a world that will be utterly changed aga

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