Updated 2020-11-22

Kirstin Eventyr, MA

Offers virtual spiritual counseling & energy work. Has worked with many unschooling families and is an unschooling mom herself.
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(+1) 360-338-8387


“For those seeking broad spectrum, depth oriented and skillful help to deepen their experience of wholeness. Insight is not enough, healing happens when we devote both kindness and compassionate awareness to our whole self (body, mind and spirit). I utilize efficient and effective therapeutic practices that provide safe, dynamic and lasting results. These approaches include: Energy work, Flower essences, shamanic practices, vibrational medicines and therapeutic spiritual accompaniment.

I offer a deep Love of my work and my clients, a peaceful and grounded presence, an ability to listen well and to see into my client’s process. I also have a philosophical background that allows me to embrace and unusually wide range of experiences.

Building on a solid foundation of over 25 years of experience in private practice, I use approaches to healing that are at once subtle and profound, in order to help you to deepen your capacity to be with yourself in the more self-loving ways in relationship, work and play.

I am actively committed to my own healing process and create a non-judgmental healing atmosphere where you are listened to, valued, respected and cared about. You are in charge of your healing journey and your needs will determine the direction we take together.”

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