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Mental Health & Counseling

Includes counselors and mental health professionals who understand SDE and support parents who choose SDE for their children.

Andrew Swart, Psychologist

A registered Psychologist working at Riverstone Village SDE community and available for Zoom and Skype sessions internationally, supporting SDE families with trauma, counselling, therapy and SDE-friendly resilience coaching.

Eric F. Nielson

SDE-friendly psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families.

Esther Jones

Unschooling mentor and mindfulness teacher, based in the UK, specialising in helping parents deschool and in helping them and their neurodivergent children thrive. Online workshops, courses and one-to-one sessions.

Infinite U Yoga

Redefining the way we think about Autism, Asperger’s, & other neurological differences...a somatic-oriented approach to neurodiversity.

Jessica Witmer, LMHC-A, Holistic Psychotherapist

Jessica is an EMDR-trained holistic psychotherapist practicing in the state of Indiana. Jessica is an advocate for self-directed learning, and is happy to serve self-directed learners and their families.

Kirstin Eventyr, MA

Offers virtual spiritual counseling & energy work. Has worked with many unschooling families and is an unschooling mom herself.

Lauren M. Mac Neill

Offering SDE-friendly mediation and individual, family, & couples’ therapy.

Nathen Lester, LMTF

SDE-friendly individual, marriage, and family therapist, offering services in-office in Yucca Valley and through video with California residents. Also counselor at Not Back To School Camp.

Rachael Baskind Counseling

SDE-friendly counseling for adults, families, and partnerships. Always happy to be a resource regardless if she works with someone directly.

Rachel Rainbolt

Rachel Rainbolt, founder of Sage Family, is a coach and therapist to gentle parenting and unschooling families. With a MA in marital and family therapy, she has spent decades guiding struggling families to peace, freedom, connection, and joy.

Radical Therapy Center

Provides trauma informed, client-centered services and products that have an intentional anti-oppression lens. SDE-friendly.

Roya Dedeaux, MFT

Grown homeschooler and licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, offering individual, couple, family, child, and group therapy online, as well as, homeschool coaching.

Sam Robinson, LCSW

SDE-friendly therapist for teens. Offers therapy services in-person in Austin, TX and virtually to residents of Texas in general.

The Infinite U

Redefining the way we think about Autism, Asperger’s, & other neurological differences — a somatic-oriented approach to neurodiversity.

Therapy That Liberates Directory

Each specialist in the directory has either received a consultation with Shawna Murray-Browne, LCSW-C on her Liberation-Focused Healing framework, or completed the intensive Decolonizing Therapy for Black Folk training.

Transformative Mentoring for Teens

Transformative Mentoring for Teens offers 1:1 coaching and a 12-week group course both designed to transform their lives (and yours). Teens need tools & autonomy to self-direct their healing in order to thrive for life.

Wellness Guide

Therapeutic Coach and Home School Mentor who specializes in Trauma recovery.

Z the Matriarch

“My hope is to help you, as an individual, and as part of something bigger, to work through your past and into a brighter future. Transgenerational and intergenerational healing is possible through decolonized therapeutic practices.”

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