Updated 2022-03-01

Z the Matriarch

“My hope is to help you, as an individual, and as part of something bigger, to work through your past and into a brighter future. Transgenerational and intergenerational healing is possible through decolonized therapeutic practices.”
Zenaida Kleiner, MS, LMFT
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(+1) 805-908-8585
2047 Shelby Lane
Simi Valley, CA  93065
United States


“My approach to psychotherapy treatment and transformation is empathetic and holistic, focusing on you as a unique, complex and dynamic organism, while honoring Indigenous practices and our connection to nature. I’m here to facilitate your process of healing and transformation as your committed listener, your mirror, and partner in the healing process. Through the use of varying methods and tools, I assess and address health history, life stressors, belief systems and attitudes on family and childhood, diet, exercise, dreams, longings, and interpersonal relationships. Therapy with me is an involved activity and many find that they benefit tremendously by participating.”

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