Updated 2020-02-19

Other Education in Practice

A short exploration of democratic alternative schools around the world.
David Gribble author
Gribble, D. (2013). Other education in practice. Other education: The journal of educational alternatives, 2(1), 60-66. Retrieved from https://www.othereducation.org/index.php/OE/article/view/45


David Gribble, worked for almost thirty years at Dartington Hall School, and after it closed for a further four years at Sands School. When he retired in 1992, he believed that Sands and Summerhill were the only two democratic schools left. Most of the people he talked to about education had never heard of Dartington or Sands, and thought Summerhill, as a private school outside the state system, was irrelevant. In this piece Gribble describes how, after extensive travel abroad, he learned how wrong he was. This piece is a good introduction to his more thorough physical book, “Real Education: Varieties of Freedom.”

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