Updated 2023-06-28

Passages Centre for Self-Directed Learning

At Passages Centre we mentor youth to self-direct their education and create a personalized learning experience–an alternative to mainstream school. We’re a community for youth to dive deep into interests, hobbies and online courses
Kristina House executive director
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(+1) 416-735-8353
Address: 310 Danforth Ave
City: Toronto
Province/Territory: Ontario
Postal Code: M4K 1N6
Country: Canada
Chester Subway Station - Danforth and Chester

SDE Optimizing Conditions

ASDE surveys all SDE communities/programs about how they provide, enhance, or align with each of the Six Optimizing Conditions for young people to succeed in SDE.  Survey answers:
  1. Responsibility – We help youth learn to self-direct their learning and provide an opportunity for new interests to take hold. They are encouraged to use their time in the space how they see fit. We value Growth Mindset and encourage challenging limiting beliefs.
  2. Youth Autonomy – Youth aged 11-18 come together to use their time as they'd like. Adults in the space offer workshops and classes, mentoring and support but youth are empowered to engage with the adults as much or as little as they'd like.
  3. Access to Tools and Technology – We have access to technology, musical instruments, art supplies, kitchen and cooking opportunities, and handwork materials. They can use these tools at their own discretion.
  4. Adult Allies – We are not a school and do not grade or judge how youth use their time. We encourage them to document their interests and what they engage in for building a portfolio of their time. That portfolio can include everything from reading to video gaming
  5. Free Age Mixing – Youth aged 11-18 work together in this democratic community making decisions and seeing each person as valuable and important regardless of age.
  6. Community – Our weekly youth-run Community Meeting supports youth to make decisions related to the resources and the running of the centre. Youth are encouraged to bring ideas forward and we work as a group to see ideas come to fruition.

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