Updated 2017-10-12

Unschooling in Hong Kong: a case study

This study describes the experiences of an unschooling family in Hong Kong, where alternative forms of education are discouraged.
Gina Riley author
Riley, G. (2016). Unschooling in Hong Kong: a case study. Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, 10(20), 1-15.


Although homeschooling, and more recently, unschooling, is slowly gaining acceptance in the United States, unschooling in Hong Kong is rare and considered risky. The Educational Bureau of Hong Kong (EDB) tends to discourage alternative forms of education, believing that traditional schooling is the best way to educate students. This case study focuses on the unschooling experience of Karen Chow and her family. Karen is one of the first individuals to choose to unschool her children in Hong Kong. She is also the founder and executive member of EDiversity.org, an organization focused on rethinking education and educational alternatives in Hong Kong.

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