Updated 2022-08-26

Success Without School, Unschooling my Children From Birth to College

Jean Nunnally details her family’s journey of self-directed learning from discovery to practice to success. Her honest stories of meeting doubts, challenges, and fears are both compelling and inspiring.
Jean Proffitt Nunnally author
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Jean Nunnally’s memoir provides an enlightening insight into the innate learning ability of humans, showing how self-esteem, trust and personal responsibility were preserved and strengthened for herself and her kids.
Her book gives an overview of unschooling or self-directed learning, but so much more. Along the way, she points out aspects of her own transformation from a traditional background and a corporate career to the lesser traveled path of alternative education. She explains how her view of school changed, and changed her, as she proceeded to unschool her children. She leaves the reader with an encouraging description of the three jobs of an unschooling parent―exposure, facilitation, and modeling; and offers her unique approach to preparing an unschooled teen for college, and the specific challenges that required.

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