Updated 2020-04-10

The Higher Process

Connections Are Everthing – Whole Life Evolution – Partnership Paradigm – Childhood Without School: Margaret Bennett, MFA artist & single parent blogs about the process of life living in authenticity & unschooling through divorce and trauma
Margaret Love Bennett
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Margaret pursues whole life evolution without school in partnership with her son, b. 2007. The higher process blog features posts published by Life Learning Magazine, and Mother Support News for the World Association of Breastfeeding Action.

The blog contains original blog posts, and a Links and Resources page with material that may be helpful to parents interested in whole life learning, unschooling, SDE, or processing trauma through authentic practices and processes.

The blog also contains a tab focused on Encouragement and options for connecting with Margaret for community and connection in understanding.

Margaret seeks to normalize authentic patterns of meaningful human growth and development at any age within and in response to the context of cultural push back, denial, and negative conditioning that causes dis-ease in 21st century society. She has tacit knowledge and experience to help those seeking support for breastfeeding the older child, responding to concerns about children’s fears or milestones, or relating to teens or adult children within a compassion-based paradigm.

Margaret understands the trauma-informed life. She has experience with sexual trauma, domestic violence, co-dependent relationships, and indoctrination within systems of coercion and control.

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