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Online sources of SDE-related information and support.

Adele Jarrett-Kerr

Blog and podcast exploring creative and ethical living, revillaging, conscious parenting, home education and nature connection.

Calcutta Unschoolers

Facebook page for unschoolers and life learners in Calcutta. Also a WhatsApp group you can ping the number to be added to.

Divergent Labs

We are creating autistic spaces that make it possible for the genius, integrity, concern for details, and specialized focus that are the trademarks of the autistic mind to be expressed to and to create value.

Douglas County Unschoolers

Facebook support group which offers opportunities for gatherings, including a book club, for unschooling families in the Douglas County area of Colorado.

Freeschoolin' Community

A safe and inclusive community of Freeschoolers, Peaceful Parenting Passion-led Learners, Worldschoolers and Radical/Wholelife Unschoolers.

Generation On

generationOn inspires, equips and mobilizes people to take action that is changing the world. They envision a world in which everyone has discovered their power to make a difference, creating healthy communities in vibrant, participatory societies.

Growing Without Schooling

Growing Without Schooling was founded by the late author/teacher John Holt in 1977 to support unschooling and self-directed education and it continues today as a website and source of information about learning at home and in one’s community.

A free website that shares long-form profiles of grown unschoolers, ages 20-99, in their own words.

Homeschool in China

Group for anyone who is a homeschooled student in China or interested in homeschooling in China. Let’s share our experience, make friends, help each others and start a community!

Homeschooling / Unschooling Diversity

This is a healing space centering those of us that have been “Othered” due to racial, ethnic, (dis)ability, gender, class, age and/or sexual identity. It is a space for us “Othered” to feel safe, find resources & be heard.

Homeschooling en Madrid

Somos un grupo de familias que educamos a nuestros hijos sin escuela en la Comunidad de Madrid.

I'm Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write.

A blog by a grown unschooler exploring the intersections between self-directed lifelong learning, youth rights, respectful parenting, and social justice.


Community learning resource network, built to support Self-Directed Education on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Not Exactly Florida Unschoolers

A Facebook group for Florida parents seeking alternatives to independent homeschooling and unschooling; a resource for parents interested in finding or creating SDE communities (co-ops, learning centers, schools, etc.) in Florida.

Oyna Yap Boz

“Oyna Yap Boz” is a project advocating for child-led play and self-directed education. It is a non-profit project that works on translating and creating documents about SDE and organizing child-led play events.

Parenting Tidbits

A once-a-week newsletter for those interested in reflecting on their parenting and moving towards, or deepening their practice in, a more partnership-based, relationship-based way of being with your young people.

Peer Unschooling Network (PUN)

A digital community for teen unschoolers to make friends, discuss projects, question the meaning of life, and support those interested in self-directed learning to take the leap.

Project-Based Homeschooling

This website offers guidance on how to mentor self-directed learners using the approach of Project-Based Homeschooling – a way to combines a child’s genuine interests with long-term, deep, complex learning.

Radical Unschooling Nederland

Nederlandse radical unschoolingsgroep die nog een stap verder gaat dan gewoon unschoolen, namelijk je kinderen ook vrij laten in schermtijd, eten, slapen, etc. In feite maken je kinderen alle keuzes zelf, net als volwassenen, voor zover dat mogelijk.

Rhode Island Unschoolers

This group was established as a forum for RI Unschoolers (and those nearby) to share their questions, comments, and support in their unschooling journey.

Roots & Shoots

Roots & Shoots is a service program that empowers and encourages youth of all ages to pursue their passion, mobilize their peers, and become the leaders our world needs in order to ensure a better future for people, animals, and the environment.

School Survival

Support site for kids who hate school. Encourages them to consider SDE if possible.

Texas Unschoolers

A collection of resources for Texas homeschoolers: Homeschooling laws, TX unschooling groups, videos, other websites & blogs, unschooling conferences, colleges & transcripts, and discussion forums.

The History Tree

Educational technology website for students to learn history while learning computer technology and Internet coding.

The Homeschool Resource Roadmap

A website that provides home-educating families with summative information about more than 3,500 educational resource providers, enabling parents and children to find material best-suited to meet each child’s interests and needs.

UK Radical Unschooling Network

A group created to help people expand their understanding of Radical Unschooling and to help parents implement the principles in their own families. As well as providing the opportunity to connect with other people on this path in the UK.

UK Unschooling Network

This group is only for parents/guardians who are interested in unschooling whilst home educating. You must either be unschooling already or intending to do so.

Unschool Rules blog

Tons of SDE resources including: transcript walkthrough, breakdown by subject, PA homeschooling guide, their “curriculum” by “grade”, and “homeschooling for working moms”

Unschooling / Oskolning Sverige

Facebook group in Swedish discussing the topic of self-direction and unschooling. The group is open for active unschoolers, those interested in starting, and others curious about the topic.

Unschooling Bornholm

Welcome guide & community for homeschoolers and unschoolers on the Danish island Bornholm. Meetup group:

Unschooling In Peace

Here is a safe place to ask questions and to share ideas, post projects and coordinate groups for outings. Unschooling and natural learning is our focus. Child directed learning and team focused family structures.

Unschooling Info Australia

A discussion group for Australian parents who are unschooling, or are considering unschooling their kids. We will discuss unschooling philosophy and how to become better unschooling parents as we help each other with the deschooling process.

Unschooling México

Hola colegas y amigos apasionados/interesados por/en la desescolarización radical. Es juntos como aprendemos. Por eso un grupo en el que todos podamos compartir.

Unschooling Special Needs

A global unschooling support group for parents and caregivers of Special Needs kids. You may join to learn about unschooling, get support in switching to unschooling, or share your experience unschooling your Special Needs child.

Unschooling UAE Facebook Group

We are an online community of families based in the UAE, and are passionate advocates of self-directed education and life learning.

Unschooling UK

This page is a celebration of all things unschooling. Join our friendly community and gain support and comfort on your learning adventure.

Unschooling Ukraine

Gathering together information about unschooling and people who share the values of unschooling in Ukraine.

Unschooling en France

Pour les familles pratiquant l’unschooling en France/ en français ou s’y intéressant :)


Heb je interesse om unschooling te kunnen gebruiken, of ben je er al door geïnspireerd en er volop mee bezig in jullie leven? Dan is deze groep wellicht iets voor je!


Blog and social media pages dedicated to exploring peaceful parenting, unschooling, and decolonization from an Asian American lens.

We Are Worldschoolers

Ultimate worldschoolers online destination, filled with tons of valuable resources, interviews, how-tos, mini courses, articles, reflections and incredible insights, sourced from within our community.

femme feelosophy

Blog highlighting neurodivergent unschooling and autonomous existence, conversation, and practices from the perspectives and experiences of my queer family of color. Where joy, reflection, play and ease are absolutes in our living liberation work.


Connections Are Everthing – Whole Life Evolution – Partnership Paradigm – Childhood Without School: Margaret Bennett, MFA artist & single parent blogs about the process of life living in authenticity & unschooling through divorce and trauma

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