Updated 2018-10-05

The Infinite U

Redefining the way we think about Autism, Asperger’s, & other neurological differences — a somatic-oriented approach to neurodiversity.
Nicole Calvano owner
(+1) 720-316-8130
Boulder, CO  80301
United States
Denver, Colorado


The Infinite U believes that every individual comes to earth with inherent gifts and natural abilities to help make the world a better place. For neurodivergent kids and teens, factors such as sensory overwhelm, social and communication differences, anxiety, difficulty with transitions and changes, social isolation, bullying, and more can leave them feeling disconnected from these gifts. The Infinite U supports kids and teens to with tools to soothe their nervous system and feel calm in their body (in the face of frequent discomfort and agitation), to choose self-worth enhancing thoughts (and focus less on self-doubt), to understand their emotions and how to respond effectively (so that they and their environment can feel good about their reactions AND still get their needs met), and to connect with peers in a safe and supported way where social mistakes are OK (and not catastrophes or sources of humiliation).

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