Updated 2022-03-01

Therapy That Liberates Directory

Each specialist in the directory has either received a consultation with Shawna Murray-Browne, LCSW-C on her Liberation-Focused Healing framework, or completed the intensive Decolonizing Therapy for Black Folk training.
Shawna Murray-Browne
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Yas! Big ups to you for journeying to this site to continue your healing! This directory was cultivated specifically for Black and Brown folks who want a therapist that is …

– Clear on what it means to dismantle colonial, oppressive, racist, binary systems
– Studies Black and Brown brilliance fervently
– Has explored modalities that honor Black Diasporic healing traditions
– Knows the difference between allyship and becoming an accomplice
– Has the tools to discern performative behavior from liberatory conviction
– Familiar with the unique needs of People of African descent and BIPOC changemakers

… and growing daily to offer you therapy that liberates.

If any information about this resource is out of date, please let us know.