Updated 2020-12-10

Transformative Mentoring for Teens

Transformative Mentoring for Teens offers 1:1 coaching and a 12-week group course both designed to transform their lives (and yours). Teens need tools & autonomy to self-direct their healing in order to thrive for life.
Lainie Liberti founder
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Individual mentoring focuses on one specific issue. Together your teen will work with a mentor to address a specific challenge, use tools to achieve a measurable goals and practice accountability in partnership.

During the 12 Week Transformation Course for Teens, we explore topics to facilitate a deeper understanding of what’s coloring their worlds, practicing new techniques and reflecting during weekly classes and participate in weekly challenges to go deeper. Each week brings more inquiry and exploration through a set of tools, activities and resources. The 12 week course consists of weekly 2 hour meetings, mid-week check ins and one monthly 1:1 coaching call.

Each week the topic of focus builds upon the last, building skills for transformation. The first month’s theme is based on The Journey Into Self. The second month, we explore My Journey Into Purpose. The final month we devote to Conquering the World.

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