Updated 2020-01-10

Wild Children – Domesticated Dreams: Civilization and the Birth of Education

Layla AbdelRahim, an anthropologist, writes about people’s attitudes towards humans and nonhumans, expressed through dominance and violence, and the large role schools play in this.
Layla AbdelRahim author
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An anthropological analysis of education, Wild Children-Domesticated Dreams is the first study to examine the root cause of contemporary pedagogical systems from a truly comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. Examining the ontological roots of education from this confluence of ethology and anthropology reveals that the very category “human” is a requirement of civilization contingent on domestication and submission to the structural violence at the root of civilized pedagogical practices. This explains the problems of violence, bullying, and personality and other social “disorders”, which mar the very experience of childhood and parenthood on an unprecedented scale.

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