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Travel & Worldschooling

Organizations that support young people and families who want to learn about the world through direct experience of other places and cultures.

High Desert Center

Gap year programs for adventurous spirits: Build life skills. Be true to yourself. Satisfy your thirst for community. Take a transformative gap year!

Kinone Agile Learning Center

Established in 2023 as the nation’s first and only bilingual center, offers liberatory education for all amidst the serene mountain landscape, empowering learners to explore and grow in a truly immersive environment.

Prague Worldschooling

Prague worldschooling is a community and platform for worldschoolers both travelling families and locals that want to meet up and take part in activities.

Project World School

A travel resource for self-directed adolescents and teenagers. We create temporary learning communities all around the world and immerse ourselves in other cultures to better grow, learn and relate, all within community.

Unarvu Education

We provide experiential education to self-directed students aged 8+. Our model is emergent and adaptive; our priority is to develop our inner compass—our Unarvu—as we navigate our learning journey within a supportive learning collective.

Unschool Adventures

Here at Unschool Adventures we create big adventures for self-directed teenagers. Since 2008 our mission has remained the same: to help young people build new friendships, unforgettable memories, and the confidence to lead an unconventional life.

We Are Worldschoolers

Ultimate worldschoolers online destination, filled with tons of valuable resources, interviews, how-tos, mini courses, articles, reflections and incredible insights, sourced from within our community.

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