Posted 2019-04-16

Self-Directed Education Thread at This Year’s AERO Conference

We are excited to announce that at this year’s AERO conference, there will be a Self-Directed Education (SDE) thread. This means there will be at least one SDE workshop during each workshop slot, as well as mini-talks and other offerings related to SDE throughout the conference.

The AERO Conference takes place on June 26th-30th, and will be in Portland, OR, for the first time in several years. ASDE Members and Subscribers can get a special discount when registering for the AERO Conference. Just choose the “Student, Presenter, & Volunteer Pricing” and write “ASDE member special rate” in the additional notes section during checkout. Click here to register now.

There will be many SDE thread workshops and offerings, including...

An Ask Me Anything Self-Directed Education Panel with parents, facilitators, youth, and others involved in SDE, who are ready to answer any questions that have come up for you.

A conversation about Racial Equity in SDE, in which participants and facilitator David Jacobo will explore a variety of topics, including diversifying leadership; ways to make SDE spaces more inviting, safe, and supportive for POCs; and community-supported models for education.

A Mini-talk by Kerry McDonald about the history of unschooling, what is happening today, and prospects for the future.

A workshop about SDE Facilitation for parents, facilitators, and all people looking to rethink their relationships with young people, and transform those relationship from dominance to equity in partnership with youth.

More SDE thread workshops, including full descriptions, can be found on the workshops page here.

Check out the conference schedule, including other SDE thread workshops, here.

See you there!

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Rebecka Koritz
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