Posted 2019-03-05

What is ASDE up to?

ASDE will have a presence at the AERO conference! We are designing a series of workshops, panels, and offerings that will be part of a Self-Directed Education (SDE) thread at the AERO conference. Join us at AERO to delve more deeply into issues and ideas related to SDE. Topics will include an SDE panel, how to grow your own local SDE group, social justice and racial equity in SDE, and more. In a few weeks we will be sharing more details along with a special discount code for ASDE members who wish to attend the conference. Stay tuned!

A team has been discussing the possibilities involved with the Library Initiative. Currently, we are working on individual support and ideas for how to approach your local library about starting up free play, book clubs, and discussion groups related to Self-Directed Education (SDE). Antonio Buehler of Abrome has been working closely with Westbank Libraries in Austin, Texas to grow their free play opportunities, offer workshops, lead book clubs and discussion groups, and engage in deeper discussions about the relationship between libraries and SDE. More updates and specifics about this initiative to come. If you are interested in getting involved, email to talk more about this exciting initiative

The next local SDE group organizers online meeting will be on Monday, March 18th, at 8pm Eastern Time. Interested in starting a group? Already have one started and want some support? Have ideas to share with others? Email if you would like to join this virtual meeting.

Volunteer Opportunities
We are looking for a copy editor to proofread a collection of Peter Gray’s psychology today articles, which we are compiling into several short books.

ASDE’s Resource Directory is growing! We are looking for people interested in adding content, primarily books, articles, videos, and documentaries about SDE, into our directory. We have a list of content that hasn’t made it in yet, so if you have some extra time, and are up for this task please let us know!

We are always looking for people interested in creating videos about Self-Directed Education. If you have an idea for a video project, please reach out to us.

Our current projects and the rest of our volunteer opportunities can be found on our volunteer page. If you see anything that interests you, or want to know more, email

Tipping Points

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[photo] Ours First
Have non-White families even considered this fascinating new way of educating?
Dr. Kelly Limes-Taylor Henderson
[photo] In the Moment: Managing Conflict at North Star
"I just want to know the rule. Can we play the guitar in the common room or not?"
Kenneth Danford
[photo] Redefining Respect, Part One
Respect has the consensus of being important, so why are adults yanking it away from our children? Follow me, an unschooler with strong opinions, as I use a short audio series to deconstruct the concept of respect, replacing conventional ideas with a more unschooled perspective.
Marley Richards
[photo] Todo lo que se necesita son las condiciones apropiadas
Nos hemos alejado tanto de la naturaleza, que no logramos ver la perfección en cada niño. Tan alejados estamos de poder reconocer su innata sabiduría.
Rebecka Koritz
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