Tipping Points Magazine

Tipping Points Magazine is the online magazine from the Alliance for Self-Directed Education, designed to amplify and celebrate the voices of our movement. As we shift from primarily words into more forms of media, we invite all forms of expression including (but not limited to) audio, video, art, comics, music, design, and theater.

Tipping Points Press

Tipping Points Press is our book publishing company that amplifies and highlights the diverse voices of this movement, in order to advance our mission of making Self-Directed Education a legitimate, accessible option for all families.

Library Initiative

The Library Initiative is an effort aimed at working with local libraries to make self-directed education more accessible. To integrate free play, workshops, community support, makerspaces, and programs that are SDE-aligned and are free and accessible to the community – a hub of sde support and experiences.

Local SDE Groups

Local SDE Groups are local hubs for support, connection, advocacy, and community for those in the SDE movement. Groups take many forms: they can be parent support groups, discussion groups, or advocacy groups. Groups are for folx to come together without a financial aspect barring contribution, to build community and support within their area.

Research Network

The Research Network provides a vehicle for SDE researchers to share, collaborate, and discuss their research, building on existing research, making it readily available, encouraging more SDE research, and creating new research projects.

Resource Directory

Our Resource Directory is a crowdsourced resource where you can find various SDE-related resources in one place. We built this as a resource hub that anyone can easily contribute to, that can shift and change as resources do. This directory is consistently updated and lovingly crowdsourced, with a few dedicated curators making sure the resources are SDE-aligned, and updated frequently.

Social Media

We share and engage through our social media platforms in order to spread SDE-aligned ideas to a wider audience, and build a network of engaged members.


Our forums are a place where people can access a supportive virtual network for everyone whose courage and passion have put them on the path of Self-Directed Education.

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