Get Involved
Making a Difference Together

The term Alliance in the organization’s name emphasizes its goal of bringing together the various organizations and individuals who are already actively promoting and enabling Self-Directed Education. The organizers of the Alliance recognize that there are many ways to practice and support Self-Directed Education, including several varieties of SDE-aligned schools, learning centers, and homeschooling.

A goal of the Alliance is to create a collaborative space where we can all link arms, learn from one another, and collectively amplify the truth that is common to all of our experiences — that Self-Directed Education works! Success in achieving our common vision will depend, in large part, on the numbers of people who take an active stand and work together to support the SDE movement.

There are many ways to get involved in the movement. You can become a member and explore the member forums, Resource Directory, and engage with others who are passionate about SDE. You can organize a local SDE group and begin to create an in-person network to support, advocate, and connect. Or you can look over ASDE’s volunteer opportunities and see what fits with your passion, interests, and skills, or suggest an idea of your own.