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  • Chévanni and Naomi join ASDE Board
  • The SDE Week 2024!
  • Liberated Kids Fundraiser
  • Anthony Galloway Jr. Coaching Services
  • Seeking Contributions to SDE Facilitator Article
  • SDE Job Postings

New Board Members Join the ASDE Team! PLUS: SDE Job Opportunities

Greetings All,

There is so much going on around the SDE community these days. We have some exciting new board announcements, a Global SDE Week, coaching opportunities, and lots of SDE Facilitator job opportunities to share (to see those, scroll down to the bottom, or check out the job postings section of our Resource Directory for a frequently updated list).

Our goal for this newsletter is to share not just what is going on with ASDE, but news, announcements, resources, events, ways to support one another, and exciting opportunities from all around the SDE Community. If you have something you’d like us to share, please email us at and we will consider it for a future newsletter.

Chévanni Beon Davids and Noami Clarke Join ASDE Board

Please join us in welcoming Chévanni Beon Davids and Naomi Clarke to the ASDE board!

Chévanni Beon Davids
Chévanni Beon Davids is a father, writer, and passionate advocate for children’s liberation and self-directed learning. As the founder of the Reimagined Learning Community, he is dedicated to reshaping traditional concepts of education by challenging the anthropogenic worldview that is often perpetuated by modern colonial schooling systems. Chévanni believes in recognizing children as people, capable of their thoughts, creativity, and agency.

Naomi Clarke
Naomi Clarke (she/her) is a site manager at East Kent Sudbury in England, parent of four unschoolers, autistic, lesbian, proud Black woman, and all-round nerdy logistics thinker. She likes to ask questions, figure out how systems work, grow food and crochet. She is passionate about community; the idea of it, the realities of it and how it could look for those of us that diverge from typical ways of being, doing and thinking. She brings experience of fundraising, events management, community and culture building, neurodivergence and accessibility to the ASDE Board.

23-29 September, 2024 – Worldwide – In person & Online

The SDE Week 2024

Imagine a celebration of Self-Directed Education anywhere in the world. Imagine people from different countries finding out for the first time what SDE is; imagine SDE kids, teens and adults celebrating the way they are approaching education; imagine kids and teens experiencing a day or more of joy in a SDE way... IMAGINE a week dedicated to Self-Directed Education, anywhere in the world.

Can you see yourself planning a small, medium or large event – whatever fits your capacities and intentions? Can you co-create this week with us, the Alliance for Self-Directed Education and other organizers from the world?

Find out more about The SDE Week here!

Liberated Kids Fundraiser

We’ve had three successful years of liberated learning at Liberated Kids!

We’re located in Deep East Oakland, CA. We are COMMITTED to being financially accessible to everyone with a sliding scale that goes down to $0. In California, we have no option of state funding.

All our families are BIPOC families. Over 2/3 of our families are Black. Many of our kids and families are gender non-conforming/Queer. We have many neurospicy friends, including those that are Autistic, those with ADHD, dyslexia, etc. Over 80% of our families would qualify for free or reduced lunch at public school.

The goal for our ALC Fam and ASDE Support Campaign is to raise $1000 per month from MONTHLY sustainers.

Donate here.

New Coaching Services from Anthony Galloway Jr.

“For at least a decade I’ve been in the arena of childcare and education. In 2014 I set out on a mission to start a paradigm shifting school rooted in liberation, joy, & empowerment. Two years later, I co-founded Heartwood Agile Learning Center in Clarkston, Georgia where I served as Co-Director and Lead Facilitator for 6 years.”

Learn about possible coaching, mentorship, and partnership opportunities here.

To learn more, you can also view Anthony’s past SDE Weekend sessions here and here, and his videos on Tipping Points Magazine here and here.

Seeking Contributions to SDE Facilitator Article

There are lots of classes, trainings, and support for people who want to enter the field of conventional education, but what about people who want to work in an alternative educational setting, such as at an SDE center? Tipping Points Magazine Editor, Janice, is working on compiling thoughts, skills, trainings, and support for what it takes to become an SDE facilitator. She’s especially interested in hearing from the folks in charge of hiring at SDE centers, as well as, current SDE facilitators.

If you’d like to contribute to the article, please fill out the form below by Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024.

Contribution Form Here.

SDE Job Postings

Seeking Passionate Positive Youth Mentor

Job listing expires Jun 5, 2024
Rock Tree Sky Learning Community is seeking an experienced, passionate, youth mentor that is passionate about supporting the positive development of young people in Self-Directed Education.

Seeking Early Childhood Lead Facilitator

Job listing expires Jun 8, 2024
ALC Mosaic, based in Charlotte, NC, is seeking an Early Childhood Lead Facilitator for the 2024-2025 school year.

Facilitator (and potentially more) at Wildwood ALC

Job listing expires Jun 21, 2024
Wildwood ALC is looking for a new member of our team to facilitate 2-3 days/week and possibly co-direct the program (administrative roles would be flexible depending on applicants’ interests and skills/experience)

SDE Facilitator in Philadelphia, PA

Job listing expires Jun 25, 2024
The Dandelion Project is looking for creative, energetic people, who are passionate about building authentic community with unschooling children and their families. Starting Fall 2024.

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