Updated 2024-02-06

Esther Jones

Unschooling mentor and mindfulness teacher, based in the UK, specialising in helping parents deschool and in helping them and their neurodivergent children thrive. Online workshops, courses and one-to-one sessions.
Esther Jones owner
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Through my blog, podcast, webinars and workshops, I’ve had the huge joy of connecting and sharing with other parents who are on their deschooling journeys. I work with parents to help them create a space in which they and their children can live, learn and thrive together. I use mindfulness and self-compassion tools to help parents hold a trusting and compassionate space for their children, whilst also holding themselves with curiosity and self-compassion. I am particularly passionate about how we can hold space for our neurodivergent children in a way that they are able to accept and live into their full selves.

(Find entry for podcast at https://www.self-directed.org/resource/the-unschool-space/)

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