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An Open Note for Families During Uncertain Times

A write-up around ways to support families during this time.

Education is a Practice of Freedom

An exploration of the intersections between learning, education and schooling and their relationship to the society we end up with.

Youth Expression Through Body Art

Some young people are getting tattoos and body piercings as an expression of their youth rights movement.

To Brighten Your Day

Artwork created and performed by self-directed children during Coronavirus mandated quarantine.

Evidence Emerges to Support SDE

Some science-backed benefits of unschooling.

Self-Directing in Isolation

What does it mean to self-direct in an isolated world?

Self-Directed Education: Inequitable or Radical?

Many people worry that Self-Directed Education is too risky for children from less privileged households. But is our duty to expose kids to the types of knowledge that confer privilege, or to help them develop their fullest, most meaningful lives?

Community Updates on COVID-19

Ten members of SDE communities discuss their reactions to COVID-19 and quarantine.

Love and Learning in a Time of Coronavirus

Recent journal entries from the Director of one self-directed center.

Life Is an Adventure

One person’s decision to direct their own education and why doing it should be the norm.

What Happens When People Start Designing Their Own Learning Paths?

How I designed an “informal PhD” and what other folks are doing in the same direction.

Between Childhood and Maturity

Adults act as if there is an invisible barrier between childhood and adulthood. Suddenly, you expect me to make a difference….but you can’t expect the very people you ridiculed to save you.

Adult Playgrounds

Modeling play and freedom for adults (in hopes that it will help some adults deschool).

The Psychological Ecology of Self-Directed Education

One important role of the group in SDE.

Is Self-Directed Education Producing Model Workers For An Innovation-Based Economy?

Some education experts and “edupreneurs” are looking to Self-Directed Education as the best way to train young people for a competitive global economy. While SDE may promote the skills, additives and behaviors most rewarded in an innovation-based economy, the values of freedom and empowerment of children are in tension with the project of education as economic indoctrination.

From “Video Game Addict” to Computer Programmer

A lifelong unschooler and recent “graduate” of self-directed program Pathfinder Community School transitioned from being obsessed with Minecraft to mastering multiple computer languages in less than a year.

No Easy Answers

Self-Directed Education, Critical Thinking, and Human Bias.

Austin joins Flying Squads as a Collaborator

The latest SDE community to join the recent Flying Squad movement of stepping out of space pre-defined for youth.

Siyanür Zehirlenmesinde Nasıl Hayatta Kalınır

“Ölüme inananlar ve hayata inananlar” üzerine, “nefret dolu ceza sistemi” nin toplumumuzu nasıl şekillendirdiğine ve onu nasıl değiştirebileceğimize ya da değiştirip değiştiremeyeceğimize dair düşünceler.

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