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“A World Without School” Collection

This is a collection of artwork and written content submitted during the month of May 2023.

The SDE Weekend 3: Resting With My Eyes Open with Jonie Broecker

In my experience, I’ve found there is not an area that goes unturned while deschooling and unschooling. This can have my critical lens on and in focus most of my waking hours. As a result, it’s become imperative for me to have times throughout the day where I am both awake and restful. As we gather together for this offering, I’ll start by sharing a little about me, followed by ways I carve out space for this practice, moments when rest has found me, and how important a sense of safety is for our bodies to feel okay to rest. There will be time throughout for emerging ideas and questions.

Sunyata as Fertile Ground for Self-Directed Education

How sunyata, the field of possibility, feels like the shared space of a self-directed learning family.

Liberated Learning

An acrostic poem about the nature of self-directed learning

The SDE Weekend 3: Intrinsic Motivation and Unschooling with Gina Riley, Ph.D.

This presentation explores the theories of Self-Determination, Cognitive Evaluation, and Intrinsic Motivation as it applies to unschooling and self directed learning. Because of curriculum and time constraints, intrinsic motivation may be difficult to facilitate within the traditional classroom. However, one of the most impressive strengths of unschooling is that the entire process revolves around a child or teen’s intrinsic motivation to learn. Let’s explore the power that intrinsically motivated, self directed learning provides.

Parents! Stop whatever you’re doing and DESCHOOL now!

How do we unschool our kids when we ourselves have gone to school? The only way to make sure we’re walking the walk is by doing the deschooling work.

RIGGED – Author Q&A with Hazel Smack

Hazel Smack answers some burning questions about her new novel, RIGGED, Tipping Points’ first young adult novel.

Homeschool to Unschool

A reflection on our transition from consensual, eclectic homeschooling to unschooling

A Bedtime Story

“I have a good story to tell you tonight,” I said to her. “Yay!” She snuggled closer to me, pulling the comforter up. “Ok, this […]

The SDE Weekend 2: How Multiculturalism Can Expand our Practice of SDE with Iris Chen

We will explore the ways our multicultural experiences, perspectives, and identities can inform and expand our practice of self-directed education. What can we celebrate about our different cultural backgrounds? How can our multiculturalism help us to resist standardization and conformity? How can it challenge existing norms and worldviews? Come ready to share your own thoughts and experiences!

The SDE Weekend 2: Self, self, judgement, and curiosity with Rubén Darío

Mind-Heart-Body play for us to explore self, judgement and curiosity as learners and facilitators. No prescriptions, no how to’s, more questions than answers.

Un[adult]ered Learning

A play at explaining why children need less advice from adults in order to learn on their own.

When did you stop playing?

About play and learning in teens

The power of intrinsic motivation, and how to help your child connect with theirs

Intrinsic motivation is a powerful force for learning and living. Self-determination theory is a helpful framework for parents who want to create an environment in which their children can thrive according to their own choices and passions.

The SDE Weekend 2: Mental Health & SDE Panel

In the Mental Health panel, panelists explored topics such as how we show up in self-directed education spaces? Can we be ourselves when we have a bad day? How can we hold space for those who have a mental illness, or for ourselves for that matter? How to dive into experiences when having different forms of anxiety, BPD, bipolarity etc.? How to take care of our mind, with intention, and with what the pandemic helped us learn?

The SDE Weekend 2: PTA Remix: A New Approach to Parental Involvement

The roles of parents in schools can become a heated debate, but this startup school is doing it differently. KC Restoration School is a brand-new, Sudbury-inspired, trauma-sensitive, equity-based, student-led, self-directed learning center with a unique Parent Circle. Hear from the founder and one of the parents as they share their early observations on the school’s development so far, the Parent Circle, and how they are figuring it all out together.

The SDE Weekend 2: Lessons from the Village Free School

Opened in 2004 from the question “what if schools were different?” The Village Free School has evolved significantly since its inception. In this session, they discussed & shared some lessons learned, challenges, and tools that uphold our continual growth through a conversational platform. We welcome questions and stories of all kinds.

The SDE Weekend 2: VELA Education Fund

At the VELA Education Fund (VELA), we envision a world where every family and young person has agency over their education and access to rich, meaningful learning opportunities that create pathways to a life of purpose. We believe learning happens anywhere and everywhere, both inside and outside of conventional learning environments. During this session participants learned more about what VELA is and why it exists, heard stories of grantees and models VELA has funded, and learned about what’s next for the organization!

The SDE Weekend 2: The Sacred Art of Learning with a Cup of Tea

The Sacred Art of learning is an interactive tea circle of sharing, learning, and exploring the multiple streams of learnings and unlearning, reflecting on biological, geographic, spiritual, and communal aspects of learning/unlearning. This space was led by Chévanni sharing stories and experiences from his child self, as Founder of a Self-directed learning community and as a Parent. This space looks to hold a sense of intimate collective exploration and reflection on our perception of how learning shows up and what we can do to support and cultivate spaces and ideas of this sacred practice.

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