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Voices of Children

The Story of the Fifteenth Street School

Fear and Loathing with Self-Directed Learners

A first person account of self-directed learners taking appropriate risk, managing anger and fear. Further musing and speculation about the nature of fear and adult discomfort with children taking risks.

What if They Just...?

Maybe it isn’t that school is so structured because kids are incapable, but that kids seem incapable because we only see what they are doing in schools that are so structured.

Anarchist Pedagogy in Action: Paideia, Escuela Libre

Part one of four of a collection of essays from the book Anarchist Pedagogies.

School Denies the Body

Exploring the role of school in mind-body separation

An Education for the End of the World, Part II

A discussion of self-direction in the era of climate change.

Unschooling and Democratic Education: A dysfunctional marriage?

One parent’s experience of having moved from unschooling to democratic education, the differences and similarities.

An Education for the End of the World, Part I

A discussion of self-direction in the era of climate change.
Voice of the Children

An Interview with Jim Flannery

The founder of Peer Unschooling Network talks about the projects he is working on and his experiences with mental health rights and children’s rights.
El Mundo Donde los Niños Son Personas

Los Riesgos de la Educación Autodirigida

¿Cuáles son los verdaderos riesgos de la Educación Autodirigida? En este artículo Rebecka Koritz examina los mitos y los miedos acerca de esta innovadora opción educativa.

Let’s Talk About Screens; “Screen Time” and SDE

How SDE spaces allow us to navigate the proliferation of screens.

Children’s Need for Happiness

Distinguishing between children’s true needs, the satisfaction of which result in their well-being, from their false needs, those needs imposed on them by adults, which frustrate the first ones.

Taking Learning Into Their Own Hands: How Schools Can Disable Learners

Schools often make us dependent on schooling by convincing us that it is the best or only place learning can occur.
El Mundo Donde los Niños Son Personas

Niños auto-dirigidos, padres escolarizados

El desafío mayor viene de la programación que traen los padres y madres acerca de la educación, la enseñanza versus el aprendizaje y la tóxica presión de la sociedad acerca de lo que necesita un niño para ser exitoso y cómo se supone que debe verse el éxito.

That Which Is Learned vs. That Which Is Not Learned, and the Unfair Advantage of Human Nature

When we mandate what children learn, we do not know what they might have learned, discovered, or experienced on their own. Are we needlessly smothering knowledge?

Gambling as Experiential Learning

Some self-directed learners are turning to casino gambling to discover logic and mathematics

An Interview With Alexander Khost

The Editor-in-Chief of Tipping Points recounts his involvement in SDE

A Benevolent Dictator is Still a Dictator

Recently, Houston Sudbury School was included in a video on unschooling for See how the school came to that decision, working through differences of opinion regarding participation.

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