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The Limits of Trusting Children

Children should be trusted to make the decisions that are relevant to their education and life. Self-Directed Education requires that adults trust children. However, there are limits to that trust.

The Brain is a Learning (and Forgetting) Machine... and What This Means for Self-Directed Education

People who bypass conventional school often have concern about the learning they might be missing out on. Research, however, demonstrates that we remember only a tiny amount of what we are taught in school. Research also demonstrates that we remember better when we learn out of interest.
El Mundo Donde los Niños Son Personas

No sueltes el liderazgo

Hay muchos y diferentes estilos de crianza. Este artículo se dirige a los papás que tienden a confundir una crianza respetuosa y pacífica con la falta de liderazgo.

Dragons and the Art of Letting Go

Parenting perspective on children’s autonomy in their appearance

From Deschooling to Unschooling: Rethinking Anarchopedagogy after Ivan Illich

The last of a four part collection of essays from the book Anarchist Pedagogies.
Voice of the Children

The Art of Self-Direction

An attempt to explain Self-Directed Education in twenty minutes.

Healing Humanity One Reconnected Learner at a Time

Former teacher challenges readers to re-envision schools as a place to support children’s self-discovery which positively affects us all.

Not-Back-to-School Survival Thriving

End of summer may highlight the social nonconformity of living without school, but it can also be a time for celebrating the family’s moves toward what actually works, and witnessing thriving!

Rachel Winston Rippy in Memoriam

A friend introduced me to Rachel in 2016. I had heard rumors of the Fifteenth Street School, the first Summerhill inspired school in New York […]
Growing Up Unschooled

Growing Up Unschooled

Unschooling or SDE Schools: What we all need is community

Liberating The Teacher

A first person account of a directed learning seminar that didn’t happen

Conscious Bodies: How Self-Directed Education creates alive and aware individuals and communities

A focus on how connections create awareness both on the individual scale as well as the community scale.

Anarcho-Feminist Psychology: Contributing to Postformal Criticality

Part three of four of a collection of essays from the book Anarchist Pedagogies.

Electric Fences, Chalk Lines, and the Spirit of Self Defense

This post describes a significant change we have recently made to our judicial system at Hudson Valley Sudbury School.

Swimming in the Deep End

What happens when we walk alongside our kids instead of throwing up invisible boundaries.

Blake Boles Keynote

Alternative Education Resource Education Conference 2019

Spaces of Learning: The Anarchist Free Skool

Part two of four of a collection of essays from the book Anarchist Pedagogies.

Voices of Children

The Story of the Fifteenth Street School

Fear and Loathing with Self-Directed Learners

A first person account of self-directed learners taking appropriate risk, managing anger and fear. Further musing and speculation about the nature of fear and adult discomfort with children taking risks.

What if They Just...?

Maybe it isn’t that school is so structured because kids are incapable, but that kids seem incapable because we only see what they are doing in schools that are so structured.

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