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In the Moment: Managing Conflict at North Star

“I just want to know the rule. Can we play the guitar in the common room or not?”

Ours First

Have non-White families even considered this fascinating new way of educating?

The Only Right Way to Learn is Freely

One family’s journey of going through various methods of education, including from one method of Self-Directed Education to another.

Day 50 – Back to the Roots

It all starts with Trust.

Learning Happens... Even When It Isn’t the Goal

How learning is often a byproduct of doing, and doesn’t have to be the goal.

Back Home: self-directed learning in fiction

Most children’s books reinforce the hidden curriculum of compulsory schooling. Back Home by Michelle Magorian is an exception, with the heroine Rusty ending up at an early democratic school which is presented as a common sense and humane approach to education.

What Are You Up To?

The weekly routine in the wonderful life of an Agile Learning Facilitator.

Change up Change Up

How new perspectives brought about empathy at an Agile Learning Center.

Agile Learning Centers, Liberated Learners, and Sudbury Schools: What’s the Difference?

An exploration of three popular models for supporting self-directed learners.

Schooling’s Assault on Young Anti-Authoritarians

In this excerpt from Resisting Illegitimate Authority, Bruce E. Levine surveys the means by which conventional schooling punishes anti-authoritarian impulses and primes children for conformity.

Self Directed Stories: Unschooling in China

Iris Chen, author of the blog Untigering, shares about her family’s SDE journey, #SelfDirectedStories
El Mundo Donde los Niños Son Personas

¿Controlar o confiar?

Nuestra falta de confianza en los niños genera la necesidad de controlarlos a ellos y lo que aprenden, cómo y cuándo. Rebecka Koritz explica su punto de vista.
Voice of the Children

Role for Initiative

An examination of role playing games as a microcosm of healthy Self-Directed Education environments

The Unschooled Engineer

How a teenager who has been unschooling can begin preparation for academic study of STEM.

What Makes a School Successful: Are the Kids Happy?

Young people are happier at Sudbury than the students in conventional schools because of three important aspects of the Sudbury model. Sudbury provides a place of happiness by removing arbitrary stresses, by allowing students autonomy, and by giving space for true socialization.

Just Be In Relationship

Trust and authenticity are central to the practice of Self-Directed Education.
The Self-Directed Bookworm

Give Kids Control

What does it take to raise self-directed learners: kids who wants to do stuff, make stuff, and learn stuff on their own, without coercion?

Not So Clever?

One of the hidden lessons of school is that we can be categorised by our ability, which then affects how we see ourselves and other people. This makes no sense within self-directed education, meaning that learners can retain their trust and joy in their capacity to learn.
El Mundo Donde los Niños Son Personas

¿Cómo elegir la “mejor educación” para tus hijos?

Todos los papás quieren brindar a sus hijos la mejor educación, pero ¿cómo te aseguras de hacer la elección adecuada para ellos?

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