Posted 2018-08-21

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We are so excited to share our new website resources and changes with you! Based on feedback and needs from our members, we have added sections to our site to make navigation and information more accessible. Check out our new sections such as Get Involved, where you can view volunteer opportunities, and find all the information you need to get started on organizing your own local group, or Support ASDE, where you can find information about donating, matching gifts, and organizing fundraisers for ASDE. We have also made our Member Forums more accessible, making it even easier for you to connect with other members, share ideas, and ask questions. As our site continues to evolve, we are excited to make it a better and more accessible resource and collaboration space for our members and supporters of the SDE movement.

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[photo] ¿Cómo se defenderán mis hijos desescolarizados en el futuro?
English: How will my unschooled child survive in the future?

Muchos papás le temen a la desescolarización y sus posibles consecuencias negativas. En este artículo Rebecka Koritz nos ofrece un panorama realista y optimista que contrasta con estas preconcepciones.
Rebecka Koritz
[photo] Deschooling in School
Part 4: Conclusions.
David Lane
[photo] How to Quit Parenting
Parenting has become a job. What if you quit that job?
Blake Boles
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